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Module Ew_dyn_upload

module Ew_dyn_upload : sig..end

Type of a dynamic service.

type dynup_service_t = 
  (unit, Eliom_lib.file_info, Eliom_service.service_method,
   Eliom_service.non_attached_kind, [ `NonattachedCoservice ],
   [ `WithoutSuffix ], unit,
   [ `One of Eliom_lib.file_info ] Eliom_parameter.param_name,
   [ `Registrable ], (string list * string) Eliom_service.ocaml_service)

Type of a dynamic service.

exception Invalid_extension

Exception raised in case of invalid extension

val dyn_upload : 
  service:dynup_service_t ->
  file:File.file Js.t ->
  (string list -> string -> unit Lwt.t) -> unit Lwt.t

Retrieve the associated file (on the server) of file. It will call your handler with dname and fname which correspond respectively of the directory of file (on the server) and the filename of file.