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Module Eliom_content.Html5

module Html5 : sig..end

Building and printing valid (X)HTML5 tree.

type 'a elt = 'a Eliom_content_core.Html5.elt

See the Eliom manual for more information on dom semantics vs. functional semantics for HTML5 tree manipulated by client/server application.

type 'a attrib = 'a Eliom_content_core.Html5.attrib
type uri = Eliom_content_core.Html5.uri
module F : sig..end

Creation of functional HTML5 content (copy-able but not referable, cf.

module D : sig..end

Creation of HTML5 content with DOM semantics (referable, cf.

module Id : module type of Eliom_content_core.Html5.Id

Node identifiers

module Printer : module type of Eliom_content_core.Html5.Printer