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Module Atom_feed

module Atom_feed : sig..end

Everything we need to make an atom feed.

type uri = Xml.uri
type lang = string
type base = uri
type ncname = string
type dateConstruct = string
type emailAddress = string
type mediaType = string
type length = int
type href = Xml.uri
type hrefLang = string
type rel = string
type ltitle = string
type scheme = string
type label = string
type term = string
type metaAttr = [ `Base of base | `Lang of lang ]

Common optional attributes

type personConstruct = [ `Email of emailAddress | `Uri of uri ]

Children tags allowed for the author and contributor tags

type author
type contributor
type generator
type id
type icon
type category
type published
type updated
type source
type entry
type feed
type content
type textConstruct
type linkOAttr = 
  [ `Base of base
  | `Hrefl of hrefLang
  | `Lang of lang
  | `Length of length
  | `Medtype of mediaType
  | `Rel of rel
  | `Title of ltitle
  | `Type of string ]

Children tags allowed for the link tag

type sourceOAttr = 
  [ `Authors of