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Module Eliom_service.​App

module App : sig..end

Module for creating services returning applications

Definitions of services

Warning: These functions must be called when the site information is available, that is, either during a request or during the initialisation phase of the site. Otherwise, it will raise the exception Eliom_common.​Eliom_site_information_not_available. If you are using static linking, you must delay the call to this function until the configuration file is read, using Eliom_service.​register_eliom_module. Otherwise you will also get this exception.

Main services

val service : 
  ?rt:'rt Eliom_service.rt ->
  ?https:bool ->
  path:Eliom_lib.Url.path ->
  ?keep_nl_params:[ `All | `None | `Persistent ] ->
  ?priority:int ->
  get_params:('get, [< Eliom_service.suff ] as 'a, 'gn)
   Eliom_parameter.params_type ->
  unit ->
  ('get, unit,
   [> `Attached of
   ([> `Internal of [> `Service ] ], [> `Get ]) Eliom_service.a_s ],
   'a, 'gn, unit, [< Eliom_service.registrable > `Registrable ],
   [> Eliom_service.appl_service ])

The function service ~path ~get_params () creates a