Migration to Eliom 6.0

New service and registration API

Eliom 6.0 provides new, friendlier service creation and registration APIs. Creation of regular services and non-attached co-services (which we now refer to as pathless services) is done via Eliom_service.​create and the create functions under Eliom_registration. The ~path argument specifies whether the service will be standard or pathless, while the ~meth argument specifies the HTTP method.

POST services no longer require a fallback. You may nevertheless want to register a GET service on the same URL for reloads to behave smoothly.

Attached coservices (now known as attached services) can be created via the Eliom_service.​create_attached_get and Eliom_service.​create_attached_post functions.

Various functions under Eliom_service and Eliom_registration have been renamed for clarity.

We use the standard features of the OCaml module system, as opposed to pa_include (which has been removed). As a consequence, you may need to refer to Eliom_service_sigs.​S and Eliom_registration_sigs (especially Eliom_registration_sigs.​S and Eliom_registration_sigs.​S_with_create) for documentation.

Updated TyXML APIs

Eliom 6.0 relies on TyXML 4.0, whose APIs have been revised. Eliom inherits and follows TyXML's new naming conventions. Notably,

Smaller changes

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