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Module Eliom_content.​Html5.​Manip.​Named

module Named : sig..end

Dom manipulation by element identifier.

The module Named defines the same functions as Eliom_dom. They take as parameter an element identifier instead of an element with Dom semantics. Those functions only works if the element is available in the application (sent in the page or along the page). If the element is not available, those functions raise with Not_found.

val appendChild : 
  ?before:'a Eliom_content.Html5.elt ->
  'b -> 'c Eliom_content.Html5.elt -> unit

see appendChild

val appendChilds : 
  ?before:'a Eliom_content.Html5.elt ->
  'b ->
  'c Eliom_content.Html5.elt list -> unit

see appendChilds

val removeChild : 
  'a -> 'b Eliom_content.Html5.elt -> unit

see removeChild

val replaceChild : 
  'a ->
  'b Eliom_content.Html5.elt -> 'c Eliom_content.Html5.elt -> unit

see replaceChild

val removeAllChild : 'a -> unit

see removeAllChild

val replaceAllChild : 
  'a ->
  'b Eliom_content.Html5.elt list -> unit

see replaceAllChild

val addEventListener : 
  ?capture:bool ->
  'a ->
  (#Dom_html.event as 'b) Js.t Dom_html.Event.typ ->
  ('a Eliom_content.Html5.elt -> 'b Js.t -> bool) ->

see addEventListener