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Module Eliom_content_core.​Svg.​D

module D : sig..end

Typed interface for building valid SVG tree (DOM semantics). See Svg_sigs.​T .

module Raw : 
  Svg_sigs.Twith type Xml.uri = Xml.uri
   and type Xml.event_handler = Xml.event_handler
   and type Xml.mouse_event_handler = Xml.mouse_event_handler
   and type Xml.keyboard_event_handler = Xml.keyboard_event_handler
   and type Xml.attrib = Xml.attrib and type Xml.elt = Xml.elt
type (+'a) elt = 'a elt
and type 'a Xml.wrap = 'a and type 'a wrap = 'a
and type 'a Xml.list_wrap = 'a list and type 'a list_wrap = 'a list
and type (+'a) attrib = 'a attrib and type uri = uri
include Eliom_content_core.​Svg.​D.​Raw