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Module Eliom_react.​Down

module Down : sig..end

Event from server to client.

A "Down event" (AKA down-going event) is an event which occurrences are transmitted asynchronously to the client. Even if they are named "events", it might be better to consider them as asynchronous server-to-client edges in the react events dependency graph.

To use this, call function of_react on server side, and just use the returned value as a react event on client side. Example: let e = of_react ... in ... {{ ... f %e; ... }}

type 'a t

The abstract type of down events.

val of_react : 
  ?scope:[< Eliom_comet.Channel.comet_scope ] ->
  ?throttling:float ->
  ?name:string -> ?size:int -> 'a React.E.t -> 'a t

of_react ?scope ?throttling ?name e create an asynchronous edge originating from e. The parameters are: throttling for the limit to event propagation rate, name for named edges, size for the size of the server side buffer. scope tell which kind of channel this rely on (See Eliom_comet.create).