Index of types

a [Deriving_Json.​Json]
any [Js.​Unsafe]

Top type.

attachParam [WebGL]
attachmentPoint [WebGL]

beginMode [WebGL]
blendMode [WebGL]
blendingFactor [WebGL]
buffer [WebGL]
bufferParameter [WebGL]
bufferTarget [WebGL]
bufferUsage [WebGL]

callback [Js]

Type of callback functions intended to be called without a meaningful this implicit parameter.

canceller [Event_arrows]
canvasPattern [Dom_html]
clampf [WebGL]
clearBufferMask [WebGL]
colorspaceConversion [WebGL]
constr [Js]

A value of type (t1 -> ... -> tn -> t Js.t) Js.constr is a Javascript constructor expecting n arguments of types t1 to tn and returning a Javascript object of type t Js.t.

context [Dom_html]
cullFaceMode [WebGL]

dataType [WebGL]
depthFunction [WebGL]

enableCap [WebGL]
errorCode [WebGL]
event_listener [Dom_html]

The type of event listener functions.

event_listener [Dom]

The type of event listener functions.

event_listener_id [Dom_html]
event_listener_id [Dom]

fbTarget [WebGL]
file_any [File]
file_url [Url]

The type for local file urls.

float32Array [Typed_array]
float64Array [Typed_array]
float_prop [Js]

Type of float properties: you can set them to an OCaml float, but you will get back a native Javascript number of type float t.

form_contents [Form]
form_elt [Form]
format [WebGL]
framebuffer [WebGL]
framebufferStatus [WebGL]
frontFaceDir [WebGL]

gen_prop [Js]

Type used to specify the properties of Javascript objects.

hintMode [WebGL]
hintTarget [WebGL]
http_frame [XmlHttpRequest]

The type for XHR results.

http_url [Url]

The type for HTTP(s) url.

int16Array [Typed_array]
int32Array [Typed_array]
int8Array [Typed_array]
interval_id [Dom_html]
intptr [WebGL]

js_t [CSS.​Angle]
js_t [CSS.​Length]

Js representation of lengths.

js_t [CSS.​Color]

A js_t is a valid string representation of a CSS color

lexbuf [Deriving_Json_lexer]
listener [Dom_events]

match_result_handle [Js]

A handle to a match result.

meth [Js]

Type used to specify method types: a Javascript object <m : t1 -> t2 -> ... -> tn -> t Js.meth> Js.t has a Javascript method m expecting n arguments of types t1 to tn and returns a value of type t.

meth_callback [Js]

Type of callback functions.

mouse_button [Dom_html]

name [CSS.​Color]

The colors by name.

nodeType [Dom]
node_type [Dom]

opt [Js]

Type of possibly null values.

optdef [Js]

Type of possibly undefined values.

optdef_prop [Js]

Type of read/write properties that may be undefined: you can set them to a value of some type t, but if you read them, you will get a value of type t optdef (that may be undefined).

parameter [WebGL]
pixelFormat [WebGL]
pixelStoreParam [WebGL]
pixelType [WebGL]
program [WebGL]
programParam [WebGL]
prop [Js]

Type of read/write properties: a Javascript object <p : t Js.writeonly_prop> Js.t has a read/write property p of type t.

rbTarget [WebGL]
readonly_prop [Js]

Type of read-only properties: a Javascript object <p : t Js.readonly_prop> Js.t has a read-only property p of type t.

readyState [XmlHttpRequest]
readyState [File]
regexp [Regexp]

The type for regexps.

renderbuffer [WebGL]
renderbufferParam [WebGL]
result [Regexp]

The type for match result.

shader [WebGL]
shaderParam [WebGL]
shaderType [WebGL]
sizei [WebGL]

5.1 Types

sizeiptr [WebGL]
stencilOp [WebGL]
string_array [Js]

Opaque type for string arrays.

t [Deriving_Json]

The type of JSON parser/printer for value of type 'a.

t [Js.​OPT]
t [Js]

Type of Javascript objects.

t [Event_arrows]
t [CSS.​Angle]
t [CSS.​Length]

The type of length attributes.

t [CSS.​Color]

The type of colors, either by name, by Red-Green-Blue constructor or by Hue-Saturation-Lightness constructors.

taggedElement [Dom_html]
taggedEvent [Dom_html]
texFilter [WebGL]
texParam [WebGL]
texTarget [WebGL]
texture [WebGL]
textureFilter [WebGL]
textureUnit [WebGL]
timeout_id [Dom_html]
typ [XmlHttpRequest.​Event]
typ [File.​ReaderEvent]
typ [Dom_html.​Event]
typ [Dom_events.​Typ]
typ [Dom.​Event]

uint [WebGL]
uint16Array [Typed_array]
uint32Array [Typed_array]
uint8Array [Typed_array]
uniformLocation [WebGL]
uniformType [WebGL]
url [Url]

The type for urls.

vertexAttribParam [WebGL]
vertexAttribPointerParam [WebGL]
videoElement [Dom_html]

wrapMode [WebGL]
writeonly_prop [Js]

Type of write-only properties: a Javascript object <p : t Js.writeonly_prop> Js.t has a write-only property p of type t.