Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Module Tyxml_js

module Tyxml_js : sig..end

Tyxml interface

module Xml : 
with type uri = string
and type event_handler = Dom_html.event Js.t -> bool
and type mouse_event_handler = Dom_html.mouseEvent Js.t -> bool
and type keyboard_event_handler = Dom_html.keyboardEvent Js.t -> bool
and type elt = Dom.node Js.t
module Xml_wrap : 
with type 'a t = 'a React.signal
and type 'a tlist = 'a ReactiveData.RList.t
module Util : sig..end
module Svg : Svg_sigs.Make(Xml).T
module Html5 : Html5_sigs.Make(Xml)(Svg).T
module R : sig..end
module To_dom : Tyxml_cast_sigs.TOwith type 'a elt = 'a Html5.elt
module Of_dom : Tyxml_cast_sigs.OFwith type 'a elt = 'a Html5.elt