Main Command-Line options

Option name Description
–version Display the version of the compiler
-o <file> Set the output filename to <file>
–source-map Generate sourcemap
–opt {1,2,3} Set the compilation profile (default 1). See Optimization section below.
–pretty Pretty print javascript output
–no-inline Disable code inlining
–debug-info Output debug information
-I dir Add <dir> to the list of include directories
–file file[:dir] Register <file> to the pseudo filesystem and choose the the destination directory <dir> (default /)
–enable <option> Enable option <option>
–disable <option> Disable option <option>


  • For Debugging: "–pretty –no-inline –debug-info" + eventually "–disable staticeval –disable share"
  • For Production: "–opt 3". It minimize the generated javascript by applying various optimizations until a fix-point is reached