Module Goog.​Geditor.​Plugins

module Plugins : sig..end

class goog.editor.plugins.AbstractBubblePlugin

class type abstractBubblePlugin = object..end

class goog.editor.plugins.AbstractDialogPlugin

class type abstractDialogPlugin = object..end

class goog.editor.plugins.AbstractTabHandler

class type abstractTabHandler = object..end

class goog.editor.plugins.BasicTextFormatter

class type basicTextFormatter = object..end
val basicTextFormatter : basicTextFormatter Js.t Js.constr

Functions to style text (e.g. underline, make bold, etc.)

class goog.editor.plugins.Blockquote

class type blockquote = object..end
val blockquote : 
  (bool Js.t ->
   Js.js_string Js.t Js.opt -> blockquote Js.t)

Plugin to handle splitting block quotes. This plugin does nothing on its own and should be used in conjunction with EnterHandler or one of its subclasses.

class goog.editor.plugins.Emoticons

class type emoticons = object..end
val emoticons : emoticons Js.t Js.constr

class goog.editor.plugins.EnterHandler

class type enterHandler = object..end
val enterHandler : enterHandler Js.t Js.constr

Plugin to handle enter keys. This does all the crazy to normalize (as much as is reasonable) what happens when you hit enter. This also handles the special casing of hitting enter in a blockquote.

In IE and Safari, the resulting HTML uses one DIV tag per line. In FireFox, the resulting HTML uses BR tags at the end of each line.

class goog.editor.plugins.HeaderFormatter

class type headerFormatter = object..end
val headerFormatter : headerFormatter Js.t Js.constr

Applies header styles to text.

class goog.editor.plugins.LinkBubble class goog.editor.plugins.LinkBubble.Action

module LinkBubble : sig..end
class type linkBubble = object..end
val linkBubble : 
  (LinkBubble.action Js.t Js.js_array Js.t ->
   linkBubble Js.t)

Property bubble plugin for links.

class goog.editor.plugins.LinkDialogPlugin

class type linkDialogPlugin = object..end
val linkDialogPlugin : linkDialogPlugin Js.t Js.constr

A plugin that opens the link dialog.

class goog.editor.plugins.ListTabHandler

class type listTabHandler = object..end
val listTabHandler : listTabHandler Js.t Js.constr

Plugin to handle tab keys in lists to indent and outdent.

class goog.editor.plugins.LoremIpsum

class type loremIpsum = object..end
val loremIpsum : (Js.js_string Js.t -> loremIpsum Js.t) Js.constr

A plugin that manages lorem ipsum state of editable fields.

class goog.editor.plugins.RemoveFormatting

class type removeFormatting = object..end
val removeFormatting : removeFormatting Js.t Js.constr

A plugin to handle removing formatting from selected text.

class goog.editor.plugins.SpacesTabHandler

class type spacesTabHandler = object..end
val spacesTabHandler : spacesTabHandler Js.t Js.constr

Plugin to handle tab keys when not in lists to add 4 spaces.

class goog.editor.plugins.TableEditor

class type tableEditor = object..end
val tableEditor : tableEditor Js.t Js.constr

Plugin that adds support for table creation and editing commands.

class goog.editor.plugins.TagOnEnterHandler

class type tagOnEnterHandler = object..end
val tagOnEnterHandler : 
  (Goog.Gdom.tagName -> tagOnEnterHandler Js.t)

Plugin to handle enter keys. This subclass normalizes all browsers to use the given block tag on enter.

class goog.editor.plugins.UndoRedoState

class type undoRedoState = object..end
val undoRedoState : (bool Js.t -> undoRedoState Js.t) Js.constr

Represents an undo and redo action for a particular state transition.

class goog.editor.plugins.UndoRedoManager

class type undoRedoManager = object..end
val undoRedoManager : undoRedoManager Js.t Js.constr

Manages undo and redo operations through a series of UndoRedoState maintained on undo and redo stacks.

class goog.editor.plugins.UndoRedo

class type undoRedo = object..end
val undoRedo : 
  (undoRedoManager Js.t Js.opt ->
   undoRedo Js.t)

Encapsulates undo/redo logic using a custom undo stack (i.e. not browser built-in). Browser built-in undo stacks are too flaky (e.g. IE's gets clobbered on DOM modifications). Also, this allows interleaving non-editing commands into the undo stack via the UndoRedoManager.