Class type Goog.​Math.​rect

class type rect = object..end

method boundingRect : rect Js.t -> unit Js.meth

Expand this rectangle to also include the area of the given rectangle.

method clone : rect Js.t Js.meth

Returns a new copy of the rectangle. Returns A clone of this Rectangle.

method contains : 
(rect Js.t, coordinate Js.t) Goog.Tools.Union.t ->
bool Js.t Js.meth

Tests whether this rectangle entirely contains another rectangle or coordinate. Returns Whether this rectangle contains given rectangle or coordinate.

method difference : rect Js.t -> rect Js.t Js.js_array Js.t Js.meth

Computes the difference regions between this rectangle and rect. The return value is an array of 0 to 4 rectangles defining the remaining regions of this rectangle after the other has been subtracted. Returns An array with 0 to 4 rectangles which together define the difference area of rectangle a minus rectangle b.

method getSize : size Js.t Js.meth

Returns the size of this rectangle. Returns The size of this rectangle.

method intersection : rect Js.t -> bool Js.t Js.meth

Computes the intersection of this rectangle and the rectangle parameter. If there is no intersection, returns false and leaves this rectangle as is. Returns True iff this rectangle intersects with the parameter.

method intersects : rect Js.t -> bool Js.t Js.meth

Returns whether a rectangle intersects this rectangle. Returns Whether rect intersects this rectangle.

method toBox : box Js.t Js.meth

Returns a new Box object with the same position and dimensions as this rectangle. Returns A new Box representation of this Rectangle.

method toString : Js.js_string Js.t Js.meth

Returns a nice string representing size and dimensions of rectangle. Returns In the form (50, 73 - 75w x 25h).