Module Goog.​Positioning

module Positioning : sig..end

module Corner : sig..end
type corner = Corner.corner
class type abstractPosition = object..end
val abstractPosition : abstractPosition Js.t Js.constr
class type absolutePosition = object..end

Encapsulates a popup position where the popup absolutely positioned by setting the left/top style elements directly to the specified values. The position is generally relative to the element's offsetParent. Normally, this is the document body, but can be another element if the popup element is scoped by an element with relative position.

val absolutePosition : 
  ((int, Goog.Math.coordinate Js.t) Goog.Tools.Union.t ->
   int Js.opt -> absolutePosition Js.t)
class type anchoredPosition = object..end
val anchoredPosition : 
  (#Dom_html.element Js.t ->
   Corner.corner Js.opt ->
   anchoredPosition Js.t)