Module Goog.​Ui

module Ui : sig..end

type controlContent
module ControlContent : sig..end
class type idGenerator = object..end
val idGenerator : idGenerator Js.t Js.constr

Creates a new id generator.

module IdGenerator : sig..end
class type gaugeTheme = object..end
val gaugeTheme : gaugeTheme Js.t Js.constr

A class for the default color theme for a Gauge. Users can extend this class to provide a custom color theme, and apply the custom color theme by calling goog.ui.Gauge#setTheme.

class type autoComplete = object..end

This is the central manager class for an AutoComplete instance.

module AutoComplete : sig..end
module CharCounter : sig..end
class type charCounter = object..end
val charCounter : 
  (#Dom_html.element Js.t ->
   #Dom_html.element Js.t ->
   int ->
   CharCounter.Display.t Js.opt -> charCounter Js.t)

CharCounter widget. Counts the number of characters in a input field or a text box and displays the number of additional characters that may be entered before the maximum length is reached.

module PopupBase : sig..end
class type popupBase = object..end
val popubBase : 
  (#Dom_html.element Js.t ->
   PopupBase.type_pre Js.opt -> popupBase Js.t)
class type zippy = object..end
val zippy : 
  ((#Dom_html.element Js.t, Js.js_string Js.t) Goog.Tools.Union.t Js.opt ->
   (#Dom_html.element Js.t, Js.js_string Js.t) Goog.Tools.Union.t Js.opt ->
   bool Js.t Js.opt ->
   (#Dom_html.element Js.t, Js.js_string Js.t) Goog.Tools.Union.t Js.opt ->