Class type Goog.​Ui.​bubble

class type bubble = object..end


  • Goog.​Ui.​componentAttaches the bubble to an anchor element. Computes the positioning and orientation of the bubble

method attach : 'a. (#Dom_html.element as 'a) Js.t -> unit Js.meth
method createDom : unit Js.meth
method disposeInternal : unit Js.meth
method getComputedAnchoredPosition : 
(#Dom_html.element as 'b) Js.t ->
Goog.Positioning.anchoredPosition Js.t Js.meth

Returns an AnchoredPosition that will position the bubble optimally given the position of the anchor element and the size of the viewport Returns The AnchoredPosition to give to setPosition (was a goog.Popup.AnchoredPosition in Closure, which is a deprecated class)

method isVisible : bool Js.t Js.meth

Whether the bubble is visible.

method setAutoHide : bool Js.t -> unit Js.meth

Sets whether the bubble should be automatically hidden whenever user clicks outside the bubble element

method setPinnedCorner : Bubble.Corner.corner -> unit Js.meth

Sets the corner of the bubble to used in the positioning algorithm

method setPosition : 
Goog.Positioning.abstractPosition Js.t -> unit Js.meth

Sets the position of the bubble. Pass null for corner in AnchoredPosition for corner to be computed automatically

method setTimeout : int -> unit Js.meth

Sets the timeout after which bubble hides itself

method setVisible : bool Js.t -> unit Js.meth

Sets whether the bubble should be visible