Class type Goog.​Ui.​flatButtonRenderer

class type [#button]flatButtonRenderer = object..end


method canDecorate : 
'a. (#Dom_html.element as 'a) Js.t -> bool Js.t Js.meth

Returns true if this renderer can decorate the element. Overrides goog.ui.ButtonRenderer#canDecorate by returning true if the element is a DIV, false otherwise. Returns Whether the renderer can decorate the element.

method createDom : (#button as 'b) Js.t -> Dom_html.element Js.t Js.meth

Returns the control's contents wrapped in a div element, with the renderer's own CSS class and additional state-specific classes applied to it, and the button's disabled attribute set or cleared as needed. Overrides goog.ui.ButtonRenderer#createDom. Returns Root element for the button.

method decorate : 
'b Js.t ->
(#Dom_html.element as 'c) Js.t -> Dom_html.element Js.t Js.meth

Takes an existing element and decorates it with the flat button control. Initializes the control's ID, content, tooltip, value, and state based on the ID of the element, its child nodes, and its CSS classes, respectively. Returns the element. Overrides goog.ui.ButtonRenderer#decorate. Returns Decorated element.

method getCssClass : Js.js_string Js.t Js.meth

Returns the CSS class to be applied to the root element of components rendered using this renderer. Returns Renderer-specific CSS class.

method getValue : 
'd. (#Dom_html.element as 'd) Js.t -> Js.js_string Js.t Js.opt Js.meth

Flat buttons can't use the value attribute since they are div elements. Overrides goog.ui.ButtonRenderer#getValue to prevent trying to access the element's value. Returns Value not valid for flat buttons.