Class type Goog.​Ui.​hoverCard

class type hoverCard = object..end


method cancelTrigger : unit Js.meth

Abort pending hovercard showing, if any.

method disposeInternal : unit Js.meth

Destroys widget and remove listeners.

method getAnchorElement : Dom_html.element Js.t Js.meth

Gets the DOM element that triggered the current hovercard. Note that in the TRIGGER or CANCEL_TRIGGER events, the current hovercard's anchor may not be the one that caused the event, so use the event's anchor property instead. Returns Object that caused the currently displayed hovercard (or pending hovercard if none is displayed) to be triggered.

method maybeShow : 
(#Dom_html.element as 'a) Js.t ->
Goog.Positioning.abstractPosition Js.t Js.opt -> unit Js.meth

Called by timer from mouse over handler. If this is called and the hovercard is not shown for whatever reason, then send a cancel trigger event.

method setMaxSearchSteps : int -> unit Js.meth

Sets the max number of levels to search up the dom if checking descendants.

method triggerForElement : 
(#Dom_html.element as 'b) Js.t ->
Goog.Positioning.abstractPosition Js.t Js.opt -> unit Js.meth

Triggers the hovercard to show after a delay.