Class type Goog.​Ui.​tabRenderer

class type [#control]tabRenderer = object..end


method getCssClass : Js.js_string Js.t Js.meth

Returns the CSS class name to be applied to the root element of all tabs rendered or decorated using this renderer. Returns Renderer-specific CSS class name.

method createDom : (#control as 'a) Js.t -> Dom_html.element Js.t Js.meth

Returns the tab's contents wrapped in a DIV, with the renderer's own CSS class and additional state-specific classes applied to it. Creates the following DOM structure: <pre> <div class="goog-tab" title="Title">Content</div> </pre> Returns Root element for the tab.

method decorate : 
'a Js.t ->
(#Dom_html.element as 'b) Js.t -> Dom_html.element Js.t Js.meth

Decorates the element with the tab. Initializes the tab's ID, content, tooltip, and state based on the ID of the element, its title, child nodes, and CSS classes, respectively. Returns the element. Returns Decorated element.

method getTooltip : 
'c. (#Dom_html.element as 'c) Js.t -> Js.js_string Js.t Js.meth

Takes a tab's root element, and returns its tooltip text, or the empty string if the element has no tooltip. Returns The tooltip text (empty string if none).

method setTooltip : 
(#Dom_html.element as 'd) Js.t ->
Js.js_string Js.t Js.optdef -> unit Js.meth

Takes a tab's root element and a tooltip string, and updates the element with the new tooltip. If the new tooltip is null or undefined, sets the element's title to the empty string.