Class type Goog.​Ui.​toolbarRenderer

class type [#container]toolbarRenderer = object..end


method getAriaRole : Goog.Gdom.A11y.role_pre Js.optdef Js.meth

Returns the ARIA role to be applied to toolbar/menubar. Returns ARIA role.

method getDecoratorForChild : 
'a. (#Dom_html.element as 'a) Js.t -> control Js.t Js.opt Js.meth

Inspects the element, and creates an instance of or an appropriate subclass best suited to decorate it. Overrides the superclass implementation by recognizing HR elements as separators. Returns A new control suitable to decorate the element (null if none).

method getCssClass : Js.js_string Js.t Js.meth

Returns the CSS class to be applied to the root element of containers rendered using this renderer. Returns Renderer-specific CSS class.

method getDefaultOrientation : Container.orientation_pre Js.meth

Returns the default orientation of containers rendered or decorated by this renderer. This implementation returns . Returns Default orientation for containers created or decorated by this renderer.