Class type Goog.​Ui.​toolbarSeparatorRenderer

class type [separator]toolbarSeparatorRenderer = object..end


method createDom : separator Js.t -> Dom_html.element Js.t Js.meth

Returns a styled toolbar separator implemented by the following DOM: <div class="goog-toolbar-separator goog-inline-block">&nbsp;</div> Overrides goog.ui.MenuSeparatorRenderer#createDom. Returns Root element for the separator.

method decorate : 
separator Js.t ->
(#Dom_html.element as 'a) Js.t -> Dom_html.element Js.t Js.meth

Takes an existing element, and decorates it with the separator. Overrides goog.ui.MenuSeparatorRenderer#decorate. Returns Decorated element.

method getCssClass : Js.js_string Js.t Js.meth

Returns the CSS class to be applied to the root element of components rendered using this renderer. Returns Renderer-specific CSS class.