Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Module Ocsigen_comet.Security

module Security : sig..end

val set_timeout : ?reset:bool -> float -> unit

set_timeout ?reset f sets the timeout value for future Comet connections to f. If reset is true then current connections are closed and the new timeout value will apply to the reopened connections. Default value for reset is false.

val deactivate : unit -> unit

deactivate () ceases all Comet related activity. Each opened connection is closed. Further attempts to connect to the server with a Comet specific content type will result in a HTTP status code 503 (Unavailable). If called when Comet is not activated it does nothing (not even logging the deactivation attempt.

val activate : unit -> unit

activate () starts serving Comet requests. It is the client's own responsibility to reopen a connection. If Comet was already activated it keeps going and nothing happens.

val activated : unit -> bool

activated () reflects the activation state of the Comet module. If false it indicates that Comet connections are answered with a HTTP status code 503. If true it indicates that Comet connections are handled in a standard fashion by the server.