Index of values

( ** ) [Forum_services]
( ** ) [User_site]
( **> ) [Ocsimore_lib]
(!!) [Forum_widgets]
($) [Forum_site]
($) [User_sql.​Types]
(%) [Ocsimore_lib]
(+@) [Xform.​Xform.​Ops]
(-|) [Ocsimore_lib]
(>>=)=) >> [Forum_widgets]
(>>=)=) >> [Forum_services]
(>>=)=) >> [User_services]
(>>=)=) >> [User_ext]
(>>=)=) >> [Wiki]
(>>=)=) >> [User_external_auth]
(>>=)=) >> [Updatedb_sql]
(>|=) [Forum_widgets]
(>|=) [User_ext]
(>|=) [Wiki_ext]
(>|=) [Updatedb_sql]
(@+) [Xform.​Xform.​Ops]
(@@) [Xform.​Xform.​Ops]
(^:) [Ocsimore_lib]
(^?) [Ocsimore_lib]
(|-) [Ocsimore_lib]
(|>) [Xform.​Xform.​Ops]
(|>) [Ocsimore_lib]
(||>) [Xform.​Xform.​Ops]

a_elem_flow [Wikicreole.​RawBuilder]
a_elem_phrasing [Wikicreole.​RawBuilder]
a_link_of_href [Wiki_syntax]
accept_charset_utf8 [Ocsimore_lib]
action_add_user_from_group [User_services]
action_create_css [Wiki_services]
action_create_new_group [User_services]
action_create_new_user [User_services]
action_create_page [Wiki_services]
action_css_history [Wiki_services]
action_css_permissions [Wiki_services]
action_delete_wikibox [Wiki_services]
action_edit_css [Wiki_services]
action_edit_css_list [Wiki_services]
action_edit_user_data [User_services]
action_edit_wiki_options [Wiki_services]
action_edit_wikibox [Wiki_services]
action_edit_wikibox_permissions [Wiki_services]
action_edit_wikipage_properties [Wiki_services]
action_login [User_services]
action_logout [User_services]
action_logout_get [User_services]
action_old_wikibox [Wiki_services]
action_old_wikiboxcss [Wiki_services]
action_remove_user_from_group [User_services]
action_send_css [Wiki_services]
action_send_css_options [Wiki_services]
action_send_wiki_metadata [Wiki_services]
action_send_wikiboxtext [Wiki_services]
action_send_wikipage_properties [Wiki_services]
action_set_wikibox_special_permissions [Wiki_services]
action_src_wikibox [Wiki_services]
action_upload_file [Wiki_services]
action_users_settings [User_services]
action_wikibox_history [Wiki_services]
add [Opaque]
add [Ocsimore_lib.​DefaultMap]
add_admin_pages_header [Page_site]

Function to be called on admin pages, and which add the relevant css (including for the admin menu)

add_ancestor [Wiki_widgets_interface.​Ancestors]
add_ancestor_bi [Wiki_widgets_interface]
add_css [Wiki_data]
add_css_aux [Wiki_sql]

Add a new CSS to a wikipage or a wiki.

add_forum_css_header [Forum_widgets]
add_generic_inclusion [User_sql]
add_list_to_group [User]
add_login_error [User_data]
add_naservpage [Wiki_self_services]
add_onload_function [Page_site]

Registers the string passed as argument so that it is called when the onload event on the body tag of the page fires.

add_remove_to_string [Wiki_services]
add_remove_user_from_group [User_data]
add_servpage [Wiki_self_services]
add_servwikicss [Wiki_self_services]
add_status_function [Page_site]
add_to_admin_menu [Page_site]

Adds an entire subsection, labelled by name to the admin menu.

add_to_group [User_sql]
add_to_group [User]

Atomic change in one group

add_to_group_generic [User_sql]

Same as add_generic_inclusion.

add_to_groups [User]

Multiple operations on groups

add_user_from_group [User_data]
add_wiki_css_header [Wiki_services]
admin [User]

A user that belongs to all groups

admin_body_content_with_permission_handler [Page_site]

Display a widget#display as a admin_page under certain permissions.

admin_dir [Ocsimore_config]
admin_login [User]
admin_page [Page_site]

Displays a complete admin page, with the admin menu and the status bar.

admin_staticdir [Page_site]
admin_writer_reader_aux [Wiki]
admin_writer_reader_groups [User.​GenericRights]
aggregate_css [Ocsimore_config]
all_users [User_sql]

Returns a list of all the existing users and groups.

alter [Updatedb_sql]
anonymous [User]

Non authenticated users

anonymous_login [User]
any_int [Opaque]

int_t, t_int and any_int are type conversion functions.

any_int32 [Opaque]

int_t, t_int and any_int are type conversion functions.

any_string [Opaque]

int_string, t_string and any_string are type conversion functions.

application_name [Ocsimore_appl.​Default_param]
application_name [Ocsimore_config]
apply_parameterized_group [User_sql.​Types]
authenticate [User]
authenticated_users [User]

A group containing all authenticated users (not groups)

aux [Dyngroups]
aux_group [Wiki]
aux_grp [Wiki]
aux_grp_wiki [Wiki]

basic_user [User_sql.​Types]
basicusercreation [User_services]
batch_edit_boxes [Wiki_services]
bind_opt [Ocsimore_lib]
body_to_div [Wiki_site]
body_to_div [Page_site]
bool_checkbox [Xform.​Xform]
bounded_int_input [Xform.​Xform]
br_elem [Wikicreole.​RawBuilder]
build_tree [Wiki_menu]
build_tree_from_file [Wiki_menu]
build_tree_from_string [Wiki_menu]

can_admin_users [User_data]
can_change_user_data_by_user [User_data]
can_change_user_data_by_userid [User_data]
can_create_group [User_data]
can_create_user [User_data]
can_have_wikiperso [Wikiperso]
can_sthg_wikibox [Wiki]
can_view_groups [User_data]
can_view_roles [User_data]
can_view_users [User_data]
cannot_have_wikiperso [Wikiperso]
cast_niwp [Wiki_syntax]

Cast an extensible parser to the associated non_interactive parser to be used with xml_of_wiki.

cast_service [Wiki_site]
cast_wp [Wiki_syntax]

Cast an extensible parser to a raw parser to be used with xml_of_wiki.

catch_action_failure [Ocsimore_common]
change_user_data [User_data]
chars [Wikicreole.​RawBuilder]
check [Xform.​Xform]
check_passwd [Crypt]

check_passwd passwd hash checks whether hash is correct for passwd

class_wikibox [Wiki_syntax]

The class to use to denote the fact that the content comes from the specified wikibox

concat [Opaque]
concat_list [Opaque]

concat and concat_list are equivalents of ( ^ ) and String.concat.

concat_list_opt [Ocsimore_lib]
cons [Ocsimore_lib]
content_type_input [Forum_site]
content_type_of_string [Wiki_types]
convert [Xform.​Xform]
create [Ocsimore_lib.​Abstract_url]
create_admin_writer_reader [User.​GenericRights]
create_external_user [User]

Same as create_user, but only for external users

create_forum [Forum_services]