A complete framework

to create and run Web applications


Eliom logo

Write client/server Web applications in very few lines of OCaml code!

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Js_of_ocaml logo

An OCaml to Javascript compiler.

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Lwt logo

A cooperative threading library for OCaml.

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Ocsigen Server logo

A full-featured and extensible Web server.

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eliom base app

Eliom base app logo

Eliom application skeleton ready to use as a basis for your own applications (with users, (pre)registration, notifications, etc.)

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Ojwidgets logo

Native OCaml widgets for browsers (client side only)

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eliom widgets

Eliom widgets logo

Native OCaml client-server widgets for browsers (to be used with Eliom)

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Ojquery logo

An OCaml binding for JQuery

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Goji logo

OCaml binding generator for Javascript libraries

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OClosure logo

An OCaml binding of the Google Closure widget library.

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Macaque logo

A language for type-safe database queries.

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Tyxml logo

A library for generating valid XML ouput, using static typing (HTML5, SVG ...).

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Most projects can be used independently.

For more information, and learn how to write a sample application, have a look at the tutorial.

Also refer to the documentation of each project to learn more about it.