Tyxml is a library to build statically correct Html5 and Svg documents.

let to_ocaml = Html5.(a ~a:[a_href "ocaml.org"] [pcdata "OCaml!"])

Tyxml provides a set of combinators to build Html5 and Svg documents. These combinators use the OCaml type-system to ensure the validity of the generated Html5 and Svg. Tyxml's combinators are used in various libraries, such as Eliom and Js_of_ocaml but a builtin implementation is also provided by the tyxml ocamlfind package.

The documentation can be consulted in the manual.

How to


TyXML is available in opam:

opam install tyxml

To use the development version, pin it:

opam pin add tyxml --dev

Manual build

For manual builds, please consult the included opam file.