Index of values

a [Html_sigs.​T]
a [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_accent_height [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_accept [Html_sigs.​T]
a_accept_charset [Html_sigs.​T]
a_accesskey [Html_sigs.​T]

This attribute assigns an access key to an element.

a_accumulate [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_action [Html_sigs.​T]

This attribute specifies a form processing agent.

a_additive [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_align [Html_sigs.​T]

a_alignment_baseline [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_alphabetic [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_alt [Html_sigs.​T]
a_amplitude [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_animateTransform_type [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_animation_fill [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_animation_values [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_arabic_form [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_ascent [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_async [Html_sigs.​T]
a_attributeName [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_attributeType [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_autocomplete [Html_sigs.​T]
a_autofocus [Html_sigs.​T]
a_autoplay [Html_sigs.​T]
a_axis [Html_sigs.​T]

a_azimuth [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_baseFrenquency [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_baseProfile [Svg_sigs.​T]

a_bbox [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_begin [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_bias [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_border [Html_sigs.​T]

a_button_type [Html_sigs.​T]
a_by [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_calcMode [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_cap_height [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_challenge [Html_sigs.​T]
a_char [Html_sigs.​T]

a_charset [Html_sigs.​T]

This attribute specifies the character encoding of the resource designated by the link.

a_checked [Html_sigs.​T]

When the type attribute has the value "radio" or "checkbox", this boolean attribute specifies that the button is on.

a_cite [Html_sigs.​T]
a_class [Html_sigs.​T]

This attribute assigns a class name or set of class names to an element.

a_class [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_clipPathUnits [Svg_sigs.​T]
a_codetype [Html_sigs.​T]

a_cols [Html_sigs.​T]

This attribute specifies the visible width in average character widths.

a_colspan [Html_sigs.​T]
a_command_type [Html_sigs.​T]
a_content [Html_sigs.​T]
a_contentScriptType [Svg_sigs.​T]

a_contentStyleType [Svg_sigs.​T]

a_contenteditable [Html_sigs.​T]
a_contextmenu [Html_sigs.​T]
a_controls [Html_sigs.​T]