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Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Module Eliom_cookie

module Eliom_cookie : sig..end

Cookies table manipulation (Duplicate of Ocsigen_cookies).

module Cookies : Map.Swith type key = Url.path

Map adressed by URL path, used for Eliom_cookie.​cookieset.

type cookie = Ocsigen_cookies.cookie  =  | OSet of float option * string * bool(* Install a cookies on the client. The float option is the
timestamp for the expiration date. The string is the value.  If
the bool is true and the protocol is https, the cookie will be
secure (it will ask the browser to send it only through secure
connections). *) | OUnset

HTTP cookies representation.

Removes cookies from the client.

type cookieset = cookie Eliom_lib.String.Table.t Cookies.t

Set of cookie, grouped by path.

val empty_cookieset : cookie Eliom_lib.String.Table.t Cookies.t

Empty set of cookies.

The function add_cookie path c v cookie_table adds the cookie c to the table cookie_table. If the cookie is already bound, the previous binding disappear.

The function remove_cookie c cookie_table removes the cookie c from the table cookie_table. Warning: it is not equivalent to add_cookie ... OUnset ...).

val add_cookies : 
  cookie Eliom_lib.String.Table.t Cookies.t ->
  cookie Eliom_lib.String.Table.t Cookies.t ->
  cookie Eliom_lib.String.Table.t Cookies.t

The functionadd_cookies newcookies oldcookies adds the cookies from newcookies to oldcookies. If cookies are already bound in oldcookies, the previous binding disappear.