This is server API (go to client)

Module Eliom_lib

module Eliom_lib : sig..end

A few common functions used by Eliom. See also Ocsigen_lib

include Ocsigen_lib
include Eliom_lib_base
type 'a client_value
exception Client_value_creation_invalid_context of int64

Raised if a client value of the given closure ID is created at a point in time where it is neither global (i.e. during the initialization of the server program), nor request (i.e. during the processing of a request).

exception Eliom_Internal_Error of string
type file_info = Ocsigen_extensions.file_info
val to_json : ?typ:'a Deriving_Json.t -> 'a -> string
val of_json : ?typ:'a Deriving_Json.t -> string -> 'a
val debug : ('a, unit, string, unit) Pervasives.format4 -> 'a
val jsmarshal : 'a -> string

Marshal an OCaml value into a string. All characters are escaped