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Module EventSource

module EventSource : sig..end

EventSource binding

type state =  | CONNECTING | OPEN | CLOSED
class type ['a]messageEvent = object..end
class type eventSource = object..end
class type options = object..end
val withCredentials : bool -> options Js.t
val eventSource : (Js.js_string Js.t -> eventSource Js.t) Js.constr
val eventSource_options : 
  (Js.js_string Js.t ->
   options Js.t -> eventSource Js.t)
val addEventListener : 
  (#eventSource as 'a) Js.t ->
  'b Dom.Event.typ ->
  ('a Js.t, 'b) Dom.event_listener -> bool Js.t -> Dom.event_listener_id

Add an event listener. This function matches the addEventListener DOM method, except that it returns an id for removing the listener.