Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Index of values

(+) [Dom.DocumentPosition]
_2d_ [Dom_html]
_DOMMouseScroll [Dom_html.Event]
_JSON [Js]

JSON object

_end [Keycode]
_false [Js]

Javascript false boolean.

_object [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
_requestAnimationFrame [Dom_html]

Call the appropriate requestAnimationFrame method variant (depending on the navigator), or sleep for a short amount of time when there no such method is provided.

_true [Js]

Javascript true boolean.

a [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
a [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
abort [XmlHttpRequest.Event]
abort [Lwt_js_events]
abort [File.ReaderEvent]
abort [Dom_html.Event]
aborts [Lwt_js_events]
add [Jstable]
add [Dom.DocumentPosition]
addEventListener [File]

Add an event listener.

addEventListener [EventSource]

Add an event listener.

addEventListener [Dom]

Add an event listener.

addEventListener [Dom_html]

Add an event listener.

addMousewheelEventListener [Dom_html]

Add a mousewheel event listener.

alt [Keycode]
altGlyph [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
altGlyphDef [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
altGlyphItem [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
animate [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
animateColor [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
animateMotion [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
animateTransform [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
append [Form]
appendChild [Dom]

The expression appendChild n c behave the same as n##appendChild c (appends c to n) but avoid the need of coercing the different objects to node t.

area [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
arguments [Url.Current]

The arguments of the current url as an association list.

array [Js]

Conversion of arrays from OCaml to Javascript.

arrayBuffer [Typed_array]
arrayBuffer [File.CoerceTo]
array_empty [Js]

Constructor of Array objects.

array_get [Js]

Array access: array_get a i returns the element at index i of array a.

array_length [Js]

Constructor of Array objects.

array_map [Js]

Array map: array_map f a is a##map(wrap_callback (fun elt idx arr -> f elt)).

array_mapi [Js]

Array mapi: array_mapi f a is a##map(wrap_callback (fun elt idx arr -> f idx elt)).

array_set [Js]

Array update: array_set a i v puts v at index i in array a.

as_string [Url.Current]

as_string is the original string representation of the current Url.

async [Lwt_js_events]

async t records a thread to be executed later.

async_loop [Lwt_js_events]

async_loop is similar to seq_loop, but each handler runs independently.

attr [Dom.CoerceTo]
audio [Dom_html.CoerceTo]

backspace [Keycode]
base [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
beforeunload [Dom_html.Event]
bind [Js.OPT]

Apply a function returning an optional value to an optional value

blob [File.CoerceTo]
blockquote [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
blur [Lwt_js_events]
blur [Dom_html.Event]
blurs [Lwt_js_events]
body [Tyxml_js.Register]

Register.body elements add elements as children of body.

body [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
bool [Js]

Conversion of booleans from OCaml to Javascript.

bounded_split [Regexp]

bounded_split r s i is like split r s except that the result's length is less than i.

br [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
buffered_loop [Lwt_js_events]

buffered_loop is similar to seq_loop, but any event that occurs during an execution of the handler is queued instead of being ingnored.

button [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
buttonPressed [Dom_html]
button_down [Graphics_js]

Return true if the mouse button is pressed, false otherwise.

bytestring [Js]

Conversion of strings of bytes from OCaml to Javascript.

cached [Dom_html.Event]
call [Jsonp]

call ~timeout ~param url do a jsonp call using url.

call [Js.Unsafe]

Performs a Javascript function call.

call_custom_url [Jsonp]

call_custom_url ~timeout make_url.

callback [Js.Unsafe]

Wrap an OCaml function so that it can be invoked from Javascript.

canvas [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
caption [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
case [Js.OPT]

Pattern matching on optional values.

change [Lwt_js_events]
change [Dom_html.Event]
changes [Lwt_js_events]
checking [Dom_html.Event]
circle [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
clearTimeout [Dom_html]
click [Lwt_js_events]
click [Dom_html.Event]
clicks [Lwt_js_events]
clipPath [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
coerce [Js.Unsafe]

Unsafe coercion between to Javascript objects.

coerce [Js]

Apply a possibly failing coercion function.

coerce_opt [Js]

Apply a possibly failing coercion function.

col [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
colgroup [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
command [Keycode]
console [Lwt_log_js]

Logger that use the javascript console object.

console [Firebug]
contained_by [Dom.DocumentPosition]
contains [Dom.DocumentPosition]
create [XmlHttpRequest]
create [Worker]
create [Jstable]
createA [Dom_svg]
createA [Dom_html]
createAbbr [Dom_html]
createAddress [Dom_html]
createAltGlyph [Dom_svg]
createAltGlyphDef [Dom_svg]
createAltGlyphItem [Dom_svg]
createAnimate [Dom_svg]
createAnimateColor [Dom_svg]
createAnimateMotion [Dom_svg]
createAnimateTransform [Dom_svg]
createArea [Dom_html]
createAudio [Dom_html]
createB [Dom_html]
createBase [Dom_html]
createBig [Dom_html]
createBlockquote [Dom_html]
createBody [Dom_html]
createBr [Dom_html]
createButton [Dom_html]
createCanvas [Dom_html]
createCaption [Dom_html]
createCircle [Dom_svg]
createCite [Dom_html]
createClipPath [Dom_svg]
createCode [Dom_html]
createCol [Dom_html]
createColgroup [Dom_html]
createCursor [Dom_svg]
createDd [Dom_html]
createDefs [Dom_svg]
createDel [Dom_html]
createDesc [Dom_svg]
createDfn [Dom_html]
createDiv [Dom_html]
createDl [Dom_html]
createDt [Dom_html]
createElement [Dom_svg]
createEllipse [Dom_svg]
createEm [Dom_html]
createEmbed [Dom_html]
createFieldset [Dom_html]
createFilter [Dom_svg]
createFont [Dom_svg]
createFontFace [Dom_svg]
createFontFaceFormat [Dom_svg]
createFontFaceName [Dom_svg]
createFontFaceSrc [Dom_svg]
createFontFaceUri [Dom_svg]
createForeignObject [Dom_svg]
createForm [Dom_html]
createFrame [Dom_html]
createFrameset [Dom_html]
createG [Dom_svg]
createGlyph [Dom_svg]
createGlyphRef [Dom_svg]
createH1 [Dom_html]
createH2 [Dom_html]
createH3 [Dom_html]
createH4 [Dom_html]
createH5 [Dom_html]
createH6 [Dom_html]
createHead [Dom_html]
createHr [Dom_html]
createHtml [Dom_html]
createI [Dom_html]
createIframe [Dom_html]
createImage [Dom_svg]
createImg [Dom_html]
createInput [Dom_html]
createIns [Dom_html]
createKbd [Dom_html]
createLabel [Dom_html]
createLegend [Dom_html]
createLi [Dom_html]
createLineElement [Dom_svg]
createLinearElement [Dom_svg]
createLink [Dom_html]
createMPath [Dom_svg]
createMap [Dom_html]
createMask [Dom_svg]
createMeta [Dom_html]
createMetaData [Dom_svg]
createMissingGlyph [Dom_svg]
createNoscript [Dom_html]
createObject [Dom_html]
createOl [Dom_html]
createOptgroup [Dom_html]
createOption [Dom_html]
createP [Dom_html]
createParam [Dom_html]
createParttern [Dom_svg]
createPath [Dom_svg]
createPolygon [Dom_svg]
createPolyline [Dom_svg]
createPre [Dom_html]
createQ [Dom_html]
createRadialgradient [Dom_svg]
createRect [Dom_svg]
createSamp [Dom_html]
createScript [Dom_svg]
createScript [Dom_html]
createSelect [Dom_html]
createSet [Dom_svg]
createSmall [Dom_html]
createSpan [Dom_html]
createStop [Dom_svg]
createStrong [Dom_html]
createStyle [Dom_svg]
createStyle [Dom_html]
createSub [Dom_html]
createSup [Dom_html]
createSvg [Dom_svg]
createSwitch [Dom_svg]
createSymbol [Dom_svg]
createTable [Dom_html]
createTbody [Dom_html]
createTd [Dom_html]
createTextElement [Dom_svg]
createTextarea [Dom_html]
createTextpath [Dom_svg]
createTfoot [Dom_html]
createTh [Dom_html]
createThead [Dom_html]
createTitle [Dom_svg]
createTitle [Dom_html]
createTr [Dom_html]
createTref [Dom_svg]
createTspan [Dom_svg]
createTt [Dom_html]
createUl [Dom_html]
createUse [Dom_svg]
createVar [Dom_html]
createVideo [Dom_html]
createView [Dom_svg]
createhkern [Dom_svg]
createvkern [Dom_svg]
ctrl [Keycode]
cursor [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]

dataView [Typed_array]
dataView_inBuffer [Typed_array]
date [Js]

The date constructor, as an object.

date_day [Js]

Constructor of Date objects: jsnew date_fromTimeValue (y, m, d) returns a Date object corresponding to year y, month m and day d.

date_fromTimeValue [Js]

Constructor of Date objects: jsnew date_fromTimeValue (t) returns a Date object initialized with the time value t.

date_hour [Js]

Constructor of Date objects: jsnew date_fromTimeValue (y, m, d, h) returns a Date object corresponding to year y to hour h.

date_min [Js]

Constructor of Date objects: jsnew date_fromTimeValue (y, m, d, h, m') returns a Date object corresponding to year y to minute m'.

date_month [Js]

Constructor of Date objects: jsnew date_fromTimeValue (y, m) returns a Date object corresponding to year y and month m.

date_ms [Js]

Constructor of Date objects: jsnew date_fromTimeValue (y, m, d, h, m', s, ms) returns a Date object corresponding to year y to millisecond ms.

date_now [Js]

Constructor of Date objects: jsnew date_now () returns a Date object initialized with the current date.

date_sec [Js]

Constructor of Date objects: jsnew date_fromTimeValue (y, m, d, h, m', s) returns a Date object corresponding to year y to second s.

dblclick [Lwt_js_events]
dblclick [Dom_html.Event]
dblclicks [Lwt_js_events]
debug [Lwt_log_js]
debug_f [Lwt_log_js]
debugger [Js]

Invokes any available debugging functionality.

decodeURI [Js]

Decode a URI: replace by the corresponding byte all escape sequences but the ones corresponding to a URI reserved character and convert the string from UTF-8 to UTF-16.

decodeURIComponent [Js]

Decode a URIComponent: replace all escape sequences by the corresponding byte and convert the string from UTF-8 to UTF-16.

decode_arguments [Url]

decode_arguments s parses s returning the sliced-diced association list.

def [Js]

Consider a value into a possibly undefined value.

defaultContextAttributes [WebGL]
default_http_port [Url]

The default port for Http communications (80).

default_https_port [Url]

The default port for Https communications (443).

defs [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
del [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
delete [Keycode]
delete [Js.Unsafe]

Delete an object property.

desc [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
disconnected [Dom.DocumentPosition]
dispatcher [Ocamlbuild_js_of_ocaml]

The main dispatcher

div [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
dl [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
document [File.CoerceTo]
document [Dom_svg]

The current document

document [Dom_html]

The current document

domContentLoaded [Lwt_js_events]
domContentLoaded [Dom_html.Event]
down [Keycode]
downloading [Dom_html.Event]
drag [Lwt_js_events]
drag [Dom_html.Event]
dragend [Lwt_js_events]
dragend [Dom_html.Event]
dragends [Lwt_js_events]
dragenter [Lwt_js_events]
dragenter [Dom_html.Event]
dragenters [Lwt_js_events]
dragleave [Lwt_js_events]
dragleave [Dom_html.Event]
dragleaves [Lwt_js_events]
dragover [Lwt_js_events]
dragover [Dom_html.Event]
dragovers [Lwt_js_events]
drags [Lwt_js_events]
dragstart [Lwt_js_events]
dragstart [Dom_html.Event]
dragstarts [Lwt_js_events]
drop [Lwt_js_events]
drop [Dom_html.Event]
drops [Lwt_js_events]

element [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
element [Dom.CoerceTo]
element [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
element [Dom_html]

Coercion from a general DOM element to an HTML element.

elementClientPosition [Dom_html]

Position of an element relative to the viewport

ellipse [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
embed [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
empty [Js.OPT]

No value.

empty_form_contents [Form]
empty_mutation_observer_init [MutationObserver]
empty_position_options [Geolocation]
encodeURI [Js]

Encode a URI: convert the string to UTF-8 and replace all unsafe bytes by the corresponding escape sequence.

encodeURIComponent [Js]

Same as encodeURI, but also encode URI reserved characters.

encode_arguments [Url]

encode_arguments a expects a list of pair of values of the form (name,value) were name is the name of an argument and value it's associated value.

error [Lwt_log_js]
error [XmlHttpRequest.Event]
error [Lwt_js_events]
error [File.ReaderEvent]
error [Dom_html.Event]
error_constr [Js]

Constructor of Error objects: jsnew error_constr (msg) returns an Error object with the message msg.

error_f [Lwt_log_js]
errors [Lwt_js_events]
esc [Keycode]
escape [Js]

Escape a string: unsafe UTF-16 code points are replaced by 2-digit and 4-digit escape sequences.

eval_string [Js.Unsafe]

Evaluate Javascript code

eventAbsolutePosition [Dom_html]

Returns the absolute position of the mouse pointer.

eventRelatedTarget [Dom_html]

Returns this event related target.

eventSource [EventSource]
eventSource_options [EventSource]
eventTarget [Dom]

Returns which object is the target of this event.

eventTarget [Dom_html]

see Dom.eventTarget

execute [JsooTop]

execute print fmt content Execute content.

export [Js]

export name value export name

export_all [Js]

export_all obj export every key of obj object.

f1 [Keycode]
f10 [Keycode]
f11 [Keycode]
f12 [Keycode]
f2 [Keycode]
f3 [Keycode]
f4 [Keycode]
f5 [Keycode]
f6 [Keycode]
f7 [Keycode]
f8 [Keycode]
f9 [Keycode]
fatal [Lwt_log_js]
fatal_f [Lwt_log_js]
fieldset [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
fileReader [File]
file_content [Sys_js]

file_content name returns the content of the file name.

filename [File]

filename handles old firefox without name property

filter [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
filter_attrib [Tyxml_js.R]
find [Jstable]
float [Js]

Conversion of OCaml floats to Javascript numbers.

float32Array [Typed_array]
float32Array_fromArray [Typed_array]
float32Array_fromBuffer [Typed_array]
float32Array_fromTypedArray [Typed_array]
float32Array_inBuffer [Typed_array]
float64Array [Typed_array]
float64Array_fromArray [Typed_array]
float64Array_fromBuffer [Typed_array]
float64Array_fromTypedArray [Typed_array]
float64Array_inBuffer [Typed_array]
float_of_number [Js]

Conversion of Javascript number objects to OCaml floats.

focus [Lwt_js_events]
focus [Dom_html.Event]
focuses [Lwt_js_events]
following [Dom.DocumentPosition]
font [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
fontFace [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
fontFaceFormat [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
fontFaceName [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
fontFaceSrc [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
fontFaceUri [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
foreignObject [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
form [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
formData [Form]
formData_form [Form]
form_elements [Form]
frame [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
frameset [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
from_string [Deriving_Json.Json]
from_string [Deriving_Json]

from_string Json.t<ty> s safely unmarshal the JSON s into an OCaml value of type ty.

full_handler [Dom]

Create an event handler that invokes the provided function.

full_handler [Dom_html]

see Dom.full_handler

fun_call [Js.Unsafe]

Performs a Javascript function call.

func_limited_loop [Lwt_js_events]

func_limited_loop event delay_fun target handler will behave like Lwt_js_events.async_loop event target handler but it will run delay_fun first, and execut handler only when delay_fun is finished and no other event occurred in the meantime.

g [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
geolocation [Geolocation]
get [XmlHttpRequest]

get url makes an asynchronous request to the specified url

get [Url.Current]

get () returns a value of type Url.url with fields reflecting the state of the current Url.

get [Typed_array]
get [Js.Unsafe]

Get the value of an object property.

get [Js.OPT]

Get the value.

getContext [WebGL]
getContextWithAttributes [WebGL]
getDocumentScroll [Dom_html]

Viewport top/left position

getElementById [Dom_svg]

getElementById id returns the element with the id id in the current document.

getElementById [Dom_html]

getElementById id returns the element with the id id in the current document.

get_context [Graphics_js]

Get the current context

get_form_contents [Form]
get_fragment [Url.Current]

Because the fragment of the Url for the current document can change dynamically, we use a functional value here.

global [Js.Unsafe]

Javascript global object

global_replace [Regexp]

global_replace r s by replaces all of the matches of r in s by by.

glyph [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
glyphRef [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]

h1 [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
h2 [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
h3 [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
h4 [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
h5 [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
h6 [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
handler [Dom]

Create an event handler that invokes the provided function.

handler [Dom_html]

see Dom.handler

has [Dom.DocumentPosition]
hashchange [Dom_html.Event]
head [Tyxml_js.Register]

Register.head elements add elements as children of body.

head [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
hex_of_rgb [CSS.Color]

Convert a tuple of three integers between 0 and 255 into a hex string

hkern [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
home [Keycode]
host [Url.Current]

The host part of the current url.

hr [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
hsl [CSS.Color]

build a color from the values of hue, saturation, and lightness channels.

html [Tyxml_js.Register]

Register.html head body uses the given head and body elements as document.

html [Dom_html.CoerceTo]

id [Tyxml_js.Register]

Register.id "some_id" elements add elements as children of the node with the id "some_id".

iframe [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
ign_debug [Lwt_log_js]
ign_debug_f [Lwt_log_js]
ign_error [Lwt_log_js]
ign_error_f [Lwt_log_js]
ign_fatal [Lwt_log_js]
ign_fatal_f [Lwt_log_js]
ign_info [Lwt_log_js]
ign_info_f [Lwt_log_js]
ign_log [Lwt_log_js]

Same as Lwt_log_js.log but ignore the resulting thread.

ign_log_f [Lwt_log_js]

Same as Lwt_log_js.log_f but ignore the resulting thread.

ign_notice [Lwt_log_js]
ign_notice_f [Lwt_log_js]
ign_warning [Lwt_log_js]
ign_warning_f [Lwt_log_js]
image [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
img [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
implementation_specific [Dom.DocumentPosition]
import_scripts [Worker]
info [Lwt_log_js]
info_f [Lwt_log_js]
init [Async_js]

Initialize the async scheduler

init_lexer [Deriving_Json_lexer]

Create a fresh lexbuf record.

initialize [JsooTop]

Initialize Js_of_ocaml toplevel.

inject [Js.Unsafe]

Coercion to top type.

input [Lwt_js_events]
input [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
input [Dom_html.Event]
inputs [Lwt_js_events]
ins [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
insert [Keycode]
insertBefore [Dom]

insertBefore p n c inserts node n as child of node p, just before node c, or as last child if p is empty.

instanceof [Js]

Tests whether a Javascript object is an instance of a given class.

int16Array [Typed_array]
int16Array_fromArray [Typed_array]
int16Array_fromBuffer [Typed_array]
int16Array_fromTypedArray [Typed_array]
int16Array_inBuffer [Typed_array]
int32Array [Typed_array]
int32Array_fromArray [Typed_array]
int32Array_fromBuffer [Typed_array]
int32Array_fromTypedArray [Typed_array]
int32Array_inBuffer [Typed_array]
int8Array [Typed_array]
int8Array_fromArray [Typed_array]
int8Array_fromBuffer [Typed_array]
int8Array_fromTypedArray [Typed_array]
int8Array_inBuffer [Typed_array]
invoke_handler [Dom]

Invoke an existing handler.

invoke_handler [Dom_html]

see Dom.invoke_handler

isNaN [Js]
is_supported [WebSockets]
is_supported [MutationObserver]
is_supported [Geolocation]
iter [Js.OPT]

Apply a function to an optional value if it is available.

js [CSS.Angle]
js [CSS.Length]
js [CSS.Color]

Projection from OCaml to Js.

js_array_of_collection [Dom_html]

Convert a Dom_html.collection to a Js array

js_expr [Js.Unsafe]

js_expr e will parse the JavaScript expression e if e is available at compile time or will failback to a runtime evaluation.

js_mapper [Ppx_js]

A syntax extension is available for manipulating object properties, invoking methods and creating objects.

js_of_ocaml_version [Sys_js]

js_of_ocaml_version is the version of Js_of_ocaml.

js_t_of_js_string [CSS.Color]

Checks the well-formedness of a string or fails with Invalid_argument

json [File.CoerceTo]

keyboardEvent [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
keydown [Lwt_js_events]
keydown [Dom_html.Event]
keydowns [Lwt_js_events]
keypress [Lwt_js_events]
keypress [Dom_html.Event]
keypresses [Lwt_js_events]
keys [Jstable]
keyup [Lwt_js_events]
keyup [Dom_html.Event]
keyups [Lwt_js_events]

label [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
left [Keycode]
legend [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
li [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
limited_loop [Lwt_js_events]

Same as func_limited_loop but take time instead of function By default elapsed_time = 0.1s = 100ms *

limited_onorientationchanges [Lwt_js_events]
limited_onorientationchanges_or_onresizes [Lwt_js_events]
limited_onresizes [Lwt_js_events]
lineElement [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
linearElement [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
link [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
list_of_nodeList [Dom]
listen [Dom_events]
load [XmlHttpRequest.Event]
load [Lwt_js_events]
load [File.ReaderEvent]
load [Dom_html.Event]
loadend [XmlHttpRequest.Event]
loadend [File.ReaderEvent]
loads [Lwt_js_events]
loadstart [XmlHttpRequest.Event]
loadstart [File.ReaderEvent]
loc [JsooTopError]
location_origin [Dom_html]
log [Lwt_log_js]

log ?section ?logger ~level message logs a message.

log_f [Lwt_log_js]

log_f is the same as log except that it takes a format string

loop [Graphics_js]

Mouse and keyboard events

mPath [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
make [Deriving_Json]
make [Dom.Event]
make [Dom_html.Event]
make_event [Lwt_js_events]

make_event ev target creates a Lwt thread that waits for the event ev to happen on target (once).

map [Js.OPT]

Apply a function to an optional value if it is available.

map [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
mask [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
match_result [Js]

Convert a match result handle into a MatchResult object.

match_variant [Deriving_Json.Json_min']
matched_group [Regexp]

matched_group r i is the ith group matched.

matched_string [Regexp]

matched_string r return the exact substring that matched when evaluating r.

math [Js]

The Math object

meta [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
metaData [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
meth_call [Js.Unsafe]

Performs a Javascript method call.

meth_callback [Js.Unsafe]

Wrap an OCaml function so that it can be invoked from Javascript.

minus [Keycode]
missingGlyph [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
ml [CSS.Angle]
ml [CSS.Length]
ml [CSS.Color]

Projection from Js to OCaml.

mouseEvent [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
mouseScrollEvent [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
mouse_pos [Graphics_js]

Mouse and keyboard polling

mousedown [Lwt_js_events]
mousedown [Dom_html.Event]
mousedowns [Lwt_js_events]
mousemove [Lwt_js_events]
mousemove [Dom_html.Event]
mousemoves [Lwt_js_events]
mouseout [Lwt_js_events]
mouseout [Dom_html.Event]
mouseouts [Lwt_js_events]
mouseover [Lwt_js_events]
mouseover [Dom_html.Event]
mouseovers [Lwt_js_events]
mouseup [Lwt_js_events]
mouseup [Dom_html.Event]
mouseups [Lwt_js_events]
mousewheel [Lwt_js_events]

This function returns the event, together with the numbers of ticks the mouse wheel moved.

mousewheel [Dom_html.Event]
mousewheels [Lwt_js_events]
mutationObserver [MutationObserver]

new_obj [Js.Unsafe]

Create a Javascript object.

no_handler [Dom]

Void event handler (Javascript null value).

no_handler [Dom_html]

see Dom.no_handler

nodeType [Dom]
notice [Lwt_log_js]
notice_f [Lwt_log_js]
noupdate [Dom_html.Event]
null [Js]

The null value.

number_of_float [Js]

Conversion of OCaml floats to Javascript number objects.

oasis_support [Ocamlbuild_js_of_ocaml]

Map each targets given as argument to ocamlbuild and replace each element that exists in ~executables by its corresponding .js target.

obj [Js.Unsafe]

Creates a Javascript literal object.

object_keys [Js]

Returns jsarray containing keys of the object as Object.keys does.

observe [MutationObserver]

Helper to create a new observer and connect it to a node

obsolete [Dom_html.Event]
of_a [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_abbr [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_address [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_anchor [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_area [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_area [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_arrayBuffer [Typed_array.String]
of_arrayBuffer [Typed_array.Bigstring]
of_article [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_aside [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_audio [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_audio [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_b [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_base [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_base [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_bdo [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_blockquote [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_body [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_body [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_br [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_br [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_button [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_button [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_canvas [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_canvas [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_caption [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_cite [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_code [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_col [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_colgroup [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_command [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_dList [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_datalist [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_dd [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_del [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_details [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_dfn [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_div [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_div [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_dl [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_dt [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_element [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_element [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_em [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_embed [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_embed [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_event [Dom_html.Keyboard_key]
of_event [Dom_html.Keyboard_code]
of_fieldSet [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_fieldset [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_figcaption [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_figure [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_footer [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_form [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_form [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_h1 [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_h2 [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_h3 [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_h4 [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_h5 [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_h6 [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_head [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_head [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_header [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_heading [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_heading [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_hgroup [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_hr [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_hr [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_html [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_html [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_i [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_iFrame [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_iframe [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_image [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_img [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_input [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_input [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_ins [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_kbd [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_keygen [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_label [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_label [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_legend [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_legend [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_li [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_li [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_link [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_link [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_main [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_map [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_map [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_mark [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_menu [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_meta [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_meta [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_meter [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_mod [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_nav [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_node [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_noscript [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_oList [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_object [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_object [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_ol [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_optGroup [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_optgroup [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_option [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_option [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_output [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_p [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_paragraph [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_param [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_param [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_pcdata [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_pre [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_pre [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_progress [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_q [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_quote [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_rp [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_rt [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_ruby [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_samp [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_script [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_script [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_section [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_select [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_select [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_small [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_source [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_span [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_strong [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_style [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_style [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_sub [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_summary [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_sup [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_table [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_table [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_tableCaption [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_tableCell [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_tableCol [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_tableRow [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_tableSection [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_tbody [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_td [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_textArea [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_textarea [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_tfoot [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_th [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_thead [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_time [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_title [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_title [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_tr [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_u [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_uList [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_ul [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_var [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_video [Tyxml_cast_sigs.OF]
of_video [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
of_wbr [Tyxml_cast_sigs.TO]
offline [Dom_html.Event]
ol [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
onbeforeunload [Lwt_js_events]
onhashchange [Lwt_js_events]
onhashchanges [Lwt_js_events]
online [Dom_html.Event]
onload [Lwt_js_events]

Returns when the page is loaded

onorientationchange [Lwt_js_events]
onorientationchange_or_onresize [Lwt_js_events]
onorientationchanges [Lwt_js_events]
onorientationchanges_or_onresizes [Lwt_js_events]
onpopstate [Lwt_js_events]
onpopstates [Lwt_js_events]
onresize [Lwt_js_events]
onresizes [Lwt_js_events]
onunload [Lwt_js_events]
open_canvas [Graphics_js]

use a canvas to setup the current context

open_graph [Graphics_js]

Open a graphics window.

opt_tagged [Dom_html]
opt_taggedEvent [Dom_html]
optgroup [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
option [Js.OPT]

Convert option type.

option [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
orientationchange [Dom_html.Event]
output [Json]

Marshal any OCaml value into this JSON representation.

p [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
param [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
parseFloat [Js]
parseInt [Js]
parttern [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
path [Url.Current]

The path of the current url as a list of small string.

path [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
path_of_path_string [Url]

path_of_path_string s splits s on each "/" character.

path_string [Url.Current]

The path of the current url as one long string.

perform [XmlHttpRequest]

perform is the same as XmlHttpRequest.perform_raw_url except that the Url argument has type Url.url.

perform_raw [XmlHttpRequest]

perform_raw is the same as XmlHttpRequest.perform_raw_url except that an additional response_type argument can be given to set the XMLHttpRequest responseType, and hence return different types of data for GET requests.

perform_raw_url [XmlHttpRequest]

perform_raw_url makes an asynchronous request to the specified url with specified options.

pixel_get [Dom_html]
pixel_set [Dom_html]
plus [Keycode]
polygon [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
polyline [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
popStateEvent [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
popstate [Dom_html.Event]
port [Url.Current]

The port of the current url.

post_form_contents [Form]
post_message [Worker]
pre [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
preceding [Dom.DocumentPosition]
preprocess_phrase [JsooTopPpx]
preprocess_signature [JsooTopPpx]
preprocess_structure [JsooTopPpx]
preventDefault [Dom]

Call this to prevent the default handler for the event.

progress [XmlHttpRequest.Event]
progress [File.ReaderEvent]
progress [Dom_html.Event]
protocol [Url.Current]

The protocol of the current url.

pure_expr [Js.Unsafe]

Asserts that an expression is pure, and can therefore be optimized away by the compiler if unused.

pure_js_expr [Js.Unsafe]

pure_js_expr str behaves like pure_expr (fun () -> js_expr str).

q [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
quote [Regexp]

Escapes characters with special meaning in the regexp context.

radialgradient [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
raise_js_error [Js]
read [Deriving_Json.Json_min']
read [Deriving_Json.Json_min]
read [Deriving_Json.Json]
read [Deriving_Json]
readAsBinaryString [File]
readAsDataURL [File]
readAsText [File]
readAsText_withEncoding [File]
read_array [Deriving_Json]
read_bounded_int [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_case [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_comma [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_comma_or_rbracket [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_int [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_int32 [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_int64 [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_key [Graphics_js]

Wait for a key to be pressed, and return the corresponding character.

read_lbracket [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_list [Deriving_Json]
read_number [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_option [Deriving_Json]
read_rbracket [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_ref [Deriving_Json]
read_string [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_tag_1 [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_tag_2 [Deriving_Json_lexer]
read_variant [Deriving_Json.Json_min']
read_vcase [Deriving_Json_lexer]
readystatechange [XmlHttpRequest.Event]
rect [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
regExp [Js]

Constructor of RegExp objects.

regExp_copy [Js]

Constructor of RegExp objects.

regExp_withFlags [Js]

Constructor of RegExp objects.

regexp [Regexp]

Simple regexp constructor.

regexp_case_fold [Regexp]

Same as regexp but matching will be performed in a case insensitive way.

regexp_string [Regexp]

regexp_string s creates a regexp matching the exact string s.

regexp_string_case_fold [Regexp]

Same as regexp_string but matching will be performed in a case insensitive way.

regexp_with_flag [Regexp]

Regexp constructor with flag that allow for case-insensitive search or multiline search (the global flag is always set).

register_autoload [Sys_js]

Register a callback to the path to dynamicly load missing files.

register_autoload' [Sys_js]
register_file [Sys_js]

Register a file to a Pseudo Filesystem.

register_predefs [Pa_deriving_Json]

register_predefs typeA typeB tells the syntax extension that typeB is an alias for typeA.

removeChild [Dom]

The expression removeChild n c behave the same as n##removeChild c (remove c from n) but avoid the need of coercing the different objects to node t.

removeEventListener [Dom]

Remove the given event listener.

removeEventListener [Dom_html]

Remove the given event listener.

replaceChild [Dom]

The expression replaceChild p n c behave the same as p##replaceChild n c (replace c by n in p) but avoid the need of coercing the different objects to node t.

replace_first [Regexp]

replace_first r s by replaces the first match of r in s by by.

request_animation_frame [Lwt_js_events]

Returns when a repaint of the window by the browser starts.

resize [Dom_html.Event]
return [Keycode]
return [Js.OPT]

Consider a value as an optional value.

rgb [CSS.Color]

build a color from the values of red, green, and blue channels.

rgb_of_name [CSS.Color]

Converts a color name into three integers representing the Red, Green and Blue channels.

right [Keycode]

script [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
script [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
scroll [Lwt_js_events]
scroll [Dom_html.Event]
scrolls [Lwt_js_events]
search [Regexp]

search r s i evaluates to the index of the match and the match result or None if s (starting from i) doesn't match r.

search_forward [Regexp]

Same as search.

select [Lwt_js_events]
select [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
select [Dom_html.Event]
selects [Lwt_js_events]
seq_loop [Lwt_js_events]

seq_loop (make_event ev) target handler creates a looping Lwt thread that waits for the event ev to happen on target, then execute handler, and start again waiting for the event.

set [Url.Current]

set u replaces the current Url for u.

set [Typed_array]
set [Js.Unsafe]

Set an object property.

set [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
setTimeout [Dom_html]

Same as Dom_html.window##setTimeout cb ms but prevents overflow with delay greater than 24 days.

set_channel_filler [Sys_js]

Set a callback to be called when an in_channel wants to fill its buffer.

set_channel_flusher [Sys_js]

Set a callback to be called when an out_channel flush its buffer.

set_context [Graphics_js]

Set the current context

set_fragment [Url.Current]

set_fragment s replaces the current fragment by s.

set_onmessage [Worker]
shift [Keycode]
sleep [Async_js]

sleep d is a deferred which becomes determined in d seconds.

sleep [Lwt_js]

sleep d is a threads which remain suspended for d seconds and then terminates.

some [Js]

Consider a value into a possibly null value.

space [Keycode]
split [Regexp]

split r s splits the string s erasing matches with r.

stop [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
stopPropagation [Dom_html]
stop_listen [Dom_events]
str_array [Js]

Convert an opaque string_array t object into an array of string.

string [Js]

Conversion of strings from OCaml to Javascript.

string [File.CoerceTo]
string_constr [Js]

The string constructor, as an object.

string_match [Regexp]

string_match r s i matches the string s starting from the ith character.

string_of_error [Js]
string_of_name [CSS.Color]

Gives the string equivalent of the argument.

string_of_t [CSS.Angle]
string_of_t [CSS.Length]
string_of_t [CSS.Color]

Convert to a string representation (for debugging purpose mainly).

string_of_url [Url]

string_of_url u returns a valid string representation of u.

style [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
style [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
submit [Lwt_js_events]
submit [Dom_html.Event]
submits [Lwt_js_events]
super [Keycode]
svg [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
svg_element [Dom_svg]
switch [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
symbol [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]

t [Deriving_Json.Json_min'']
t [Deriving_Json.Json]
tab [Keycode]
table [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
tag_error [Deriving_Json_lexer]
tagged [Dom_html]
taggedEvent [Dom_html]
tbody [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
td [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
test [Js.OPT]

Returns true if a value is available, false otherwise.

text [Dom.CoerceTo]
textElement [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
textarea [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
textpath [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
tfoot [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
th [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
thead [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
timeout [XmlHttpRequest.Event]
timeupdate [Lwt_js_events]
timeupdate [Dom_html.Event]
timeupdates [Lwt_js_events]
title [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
title [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
to_array [Js]

Conversion of arrays from Javascript to OCaml.

to_arrayBuffer [Typed_array.Bigstring]
to_bool [Js]

Conversion of booleans from Javascript to OCaml.

to_bytestring [Js]

Conversion of strings of bytes from Javascript to OCaml.

to_float [Js]

Conversion of Javascript numbers to OCaml floats.

to_option [Js.OPT]

Convert to option type.

to_string [Deriving_Json.Json]
to_string [Deriving_Json]

to_string Json.t<ty> v marshal the v of type ty to a JSON string.

to_string [Js]

Conversion of strings from Javascript to OCaml.

touchcancel [Lwt_js_events]
touchcancel [Dom_html.Event]
touchcancels [Lwt_js_events]
touchend [Lwt_js_events]
touchend [Dom_html.Event]
touchends [Lwt_js_events]
touchmove [Lwt_js_events]
touchmove [Dom_html.Event]
touchmoves [Lwt_js_events]
touchstart [Lwt_js_events]
touchstart [Dom_html.Event]
touchstarts [Lwt_js_events]
tr [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
transitionend [Lwt_js_events]

Returns when a CSS transition terminates on the element.

transitionends [Lwt_js_events]
tref [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
tspan [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
typeof [Js]

Returns the type of a Javascript object.

uint16Array [Typed_array]
uint16Array_fromArray [Typed_array]
uint16Array_fromBuffer [Typed_array]
uint16Array_fromTypedArray [Typed_array]
uint16Array_inBuffer [Typed_array]
uint32Array [Typed_array]
uint32Array_fromArray [Typed_array]
uint32Array_fromBuffer [Typed_array]
uint32Array_fromTypedArray [Typed_array]
uint32Array_inBuffer [Typed_array]
uint8Array [Typed_array]
uint8Array_fromArray [Typed_array]
uint8Array_fromBuffer [Typed_array]
uint8Array_fromTypedArray [Typed_array]
uint8Array_inBuffer [Typed_array]
ul [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
undefined [Js]

The undefined value

unescape [Js]

Unescape a string: 2-digit and 4-digit escape sequences are replaced by the corresponding UTF-16 code point.

unload [Dom_html.Event]
unsafe_get [Typed_array]
unsafe_input [Json]

Unmarshal a string in JSON format as an OCaml value (unsafe but fast !).

up [Keycode]
update_children [Tyxml_js.Util]
update_file [Sys_js]

Update a file in the Pseudo Filesystem.

updateready [Dom_html.Event]
url_of_string [Url]

url_of_string s parses s and builds a value of type url if s is not a valid url string, it returns None.

urldecode [Url]

urldecode s swaps percent encoding characters for their usual representation.

urlencode [Url]

urlencode ?with_plus s replace characters for their percent encoding representation.

use [JsooTop]

use fmt content Execute commands content.

use [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]

variable [Js.Unsafe]

Access a Javascript variable.

video [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
view [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]
vkern [Dom_svg.CoerceTo]

warning [Lwt_log_js]
warning_f [Lwt_log_js]
webSocket [WebSockets]
webSocket_withProtocol [WebSockets]
webSocket_withProtocols [WebSockets]
webglcontextcreationerror [WebGL.Event]
webglcontextlost [WebGL.Event]
webglcontextrestored [WebGL.Event]
wheelEvent [Dom_html.CoerceTo]
window [Keycode]
window [Dom_html]

The current window

withCredentials [EventSource]
wrap_callback [Js]

Wrap an OCaml function so that it can be invoked from Javascript.

wrap_meth_callback [Js]

Wrap an OCaml function so that it can be invoked from Javascript.

write [Deriving_Json.Json_min']
write [Deriving_Json.Json_min]
write [Deriving_Json.Json]
write [Deriving_Json]
write_array [Deriving_Json]
write_list [Deriving_Json]
write_option [Deriving_Json]
write_ref [Deriving_Json]

xmlns [Dom_svg]


yield [Async_js]

yield () returns a deferred that becomes determined after the current cycle completes.

yield [Lwt_js]

yield () is a threads which suspends itself and then resumes as soon as possible and terminates.