Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Using js_of_ocaml with Core_kernel and Async_kernel

From version 2.8, js_of_ocaml include support for core_kernel and async_kernel.

In order to compile a program using core_kernel or async_kernel to javascript, one have to compile the program using a 32bit OCaml compiler. This is because core_kernel and async_kernel make strong assumption about the architecture at compile time and because JavaScript don't have support for 64bit.

One can easily obtain a 32bit OCaml compiler using opam: opam switch 4.03.0+32bit

Core_Kernel support

Core_kernel support is just about providing the right JavaScript runtime files to the js_of_ocaml compiler. js_of_ocaml +core_kernel.js +bin_prot.js prog.byte

Async_Kernel support

In order to use Async_kernel, one need to initialize the scheduler by calling Async_js.init () provided by the findlib package js_of_ocaml.async.