Ocsigen Start's Homepage

Ocsigen Start is an ready to use application which helps eliom developers to get a powerful application with some useful helpers and some strong basic stuffs such as session, pages and more.

It works using eliom-distillery's template engine. So as a default eliom application provided by the 'basic' template of distillery, you can now use the template provided by Ocsigen Start.

Ocsigen Start is composed by two main parts:

  • The generated code (from distillery) which attempts to give a default behaviour to your application, you are free to change some parts of this code (use commentaries provided by EBA)
  • A library which provides you some abstractions:
    • Page: they can be used in connected mode or not, you can add some requirements to your page (predicates) and even a fallback if something went wrong during the generation of your page
    • Session: ...
    • Email: ...
    • Reqm: request messages can be used as message passing during actions, to notice that the user is connected for example. A request message is always associated to his html version
    • Tools: Ocsigen Start provides some tools to your application such as cache system for your database queries