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Module Ocsigen_http_frame

module Ocsigen_http_frame : sig..end

type etag = string
val compute_new_ri_cookies : 
  float ->
  string list ->
  string Ocsigen_lib.String.Table.t ->
  Ocsigen_cookies.cookie Ocsigen_lib.String.Table.t
  Ocsigen_cookies.Cookies.t -> string Ocsigen_lib.String.Table.t

compute_new_ri_cookies now path ri_cookies cookies_to_set adds the cookies from cookies_to_set to ri_cookies, as if the cookies had been send to the browser and the browser was doing a new request to the url path. Only the cookies that match path (current path) are added.

module Result : sig..end
include Ocsigen_http_frame.Result
module type HTTP_CONTENT = sig..end
module Http_header : sig..end
module Http_error : sig..end
type t = {
  frame_header: Http_header.http_header;  frame_content: string Ocsigen_stream.t option;  frame_abort: unit -> unit Lwt.t;}

The type of HTTP frames. The content may be void (no body) or a stream. While sending, a stream will be sent with chunked encoding if no content-length is supplied. abort is the function to be called if you want to cancel the stream reading (closes the connection).