Module Ojw_swipejs

module Ojw_swipejs : sig..end

Swiping library. Author(s): Arnaud Parant

type jq_elt
type t
class type options = object..end
val create : #Dom.node Js.t -> Dom_html.divElement Js.t * jq_elt

Create a swipe from an dom node. Return the element to be included in your page and jq_elt, to be able to init swipe

val empty_options : unit -> options Js.t
val init : 
  jq_elt ->
  ?options:options Js.t -> unit -> t

You need to initialize your swipe content with default values to allow future update

val start : t -> unit

Start motion. If you set another swipe after, the first will be stoped

val next : t -> unit
val prev : t -> unit
val get_position : t -> int
val get_number_of_slides : t -> int
val slide_to : t -> int -> ?duration:int -> unit -> unit

Jump to a specific slide.

duration : in milliseconds