Module Ojw_slider

module Ojw_slider : sig..end

Binding of the jQuery_ui slider for ocaml.

To use it, you must include jquery-ui.js and jquery-1.9.1.js Author(s): Christophe Lecointe
See also JQueryUI slider.

val add_slider : 
  ?vertical:bool ->
  ?slide:(unit -> unit) -> Dom_html.element Js.t -> unit

Add a slider to the given element.

vertical : Whether the slider is vertical or not. If it is not present, the slider will be horizontal.

slide : A function called during each slide.

val get_value : Dom_html.element Js.t -> int

Return the value of the slider.

val on_slide : Dom_html.element Js.t -> (unit -> unit) -> 'a Lwt.t

Replace the callback function done on slides.