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Module Lwt_unix.Versioned

module Versioned : sig..end

Versioned variants of APIs undergoing breaking changes.

val bind_1 : Lwt_unix.file_descr -> Lwt_unix.sockaddr -> unit

Deprecated.Use Lwt_unix.bind. Old version of Lwt_unix.bind. The current Lwt_unix.bind evaluates to a promise, because the internal bind(2) system call can block if the given socket is a Unix domain socket. Since 2.7.0

val bind_2 : Lwt_unix.file_descr -> Lwt_unix.sockaddr -> unit Lwt.t

Deprecated.Use Lwt_unix.bind. Since Lwt 3.0.0, this is just an alias for Lwt_unix.bind. Since 2.7.0