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Module Lwt_sys

module Lwt_sys : sig..end

System informations.

exception Not_available of string

Not_available(feature) is an exception that may be raised when a feature is not available on the current system.

type feature = 
  [ `fd_passing
  | `fdatasync
  | `get_affinity
  | `get_cpu
  | `get_credentials
  | `libev
  | `madvise
  | `mincore
  | `recv_msg
  | `send_msg
  | `set_affinity
  | `wait4 ]

Features that can be tested.

val have : feature -> bool

Test whether the given feature is available on the current system.

type byte_order =  | Little_endian | Big_endian(* <<div class="odocwiki_info"|~Type of byte order
>> *)
val byte_order : byte_order

The byte order used by the computer running the program.

val windows : bool

Deprecated.Use Sys.win32.