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Index of values

(!!) [Ocsigen_lib_base]
(>>=)=) >> [Ocsigen_lib_base]
(>|=) [Ocsigen_lib_base]
(@@) [Ocsigen_lib_base]
(|>) [Ocsigen_lib_base]

accept [Http_headers]
accept_charset [Http_headers]
accept_encoding [Http_headers]
accept_language [Http_headers]
accept_ranges [Http_headers]
access_control_allow_credentials [Http_headers]
access_control_allow_headers [Http_headers]
access_control_allow_methods [Http_headers]
access_control_allow_origin [Http_headers]
access_control_expose_headers [Http_headers]
access_control_max_age [Http_headers]
access_control_request_headers [Http_headers]
access_control_request_method [Http_headers]
accesslog [Ocsigen_messages]

Write a message in access.log

add [Ocsipersist]

add table key value associates value to key.

add [Http_headers]

add name s h adds the header name: s to h.

add [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

Adds an element to the list, and possibly returns the element that has been removed if the maximum size was exceeded.

add_end_slash_if_missing [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]
add_finalizer [Ocsigen_stream]

Add a finalizer function.

add_ocamlpath [Ocsigen_loader]

Adds a path to the Findlib library search path.

advert [Ocsigen_lib_base]
assoc_remove [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
authorization [Http_headers]

basic_sep [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]

Cuts a string to the next separator

bind [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option.Lwt]
bind [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]

cache_control [Http_headers]
cancel [Ocsigen_stream]

Cancel the stream, i.e.

change_empty_list [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]
chop [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
clear [Polytables]

clear t remove all data from t

clear_all_caches [Ocsigen_cache]

Clear the contents of all the existing caches

commandline [Ocsigen_getcommandline]
comp [Ocsigen_lib_base]
concat [Ocsigen_stream.StringStream]

Concatenate two stream

connection [Http_headers]
console [Ocsigen_messages]

Write a message in the console (if not called in silent mode)

consume [Ocsigen_stream]

Consume without cancelling.

cont [Ocsigen_stream]

creates a non empty step.

content_disposition [Http_headers]
content_encoding [Http_headers]
content_length [Http_headers]
content_range [Http_headers]
content_type [Http_headers]
cookie [Http_headers]
create [Polytables]

creates a new table

create [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
create [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

Create a dlist.

current_buffer [Ocsigen_stream]

Returns the value of the current buffer

curry [Ocsigen_lib_base]

date [Http_headers]
debug [Ocsigen_lib_base]
default_charset [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

Functions related to the default charset in the association

default_mime [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
default_mime_assoc [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

Default values, obtained by reading the file specified by Ocsigen_config.get_mimefile

default_mime_type [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
dyn_headers [Http_headers]

Headers for dynamic pages (non cachable)

empty [Http_headers]

returns an empty set of HTTP headers

empty [Ocsigen_stream.StringStream]

Create an empty stream

empty [Ocsigen_stream]

creates an empty step.

empty_charset_assoc [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

All files are mapped to no_charset

enlarge_stream [Ocsigen_stream]

Read more data in the buffer

errlog [Ocsigen_messages]

Write a message in errors.log

error_log_path [Ocsigen_messages]

Path to the error log file

etag [Http_headers]
expect [Http_headers]
expires [Http_headers]

finalize [Ocsigen_stream]

Finalize the stream.

find [Ocsipersist]

find table key gives the value associated to key.

find [Http_headers]

find one of the values bound to name in the HTTP header t.

find_all [Http_headers]

find all the values bound to name in the HTTP header t.

find_charset [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
find_mime [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
findfiles [Ocsigen_loader]

findfiles pkg returns the list of files needed to load Findlib package pkg, including dependencies.

first_diff [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]

first_diff s1 s2 n last returns the index of the first difference between s1 and s2, starting from n and ending at last.

fold [Http_headers]
fold [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

fold over the elements from the cache starting from the newest to the oldest

fold_back [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

fold over the elements from the cache starting from the oldest to the newest

fold_left [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]

Infinite fold on circular lists (use with care!)

fold_step [Ocsipersist]

Important warning: this iterator may not iter on all data of the table if another thread is modifying it in the same time.

fold_table [Ocsipersist]

Legacy interface for fold_step

from_poly [Ocsigen_lib_base]
fst [Ocsigen_lib_base.Tuple3]

get [Ocsipersist]

get pv gives the value of pv

get [Polytables]

get t k returns the current binding of k in t or raises Not_found

get [Ocsigen_stream]

call this function if you decide to start reading a stream.

get [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option.Lwt]
get [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
get' [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option.Lwt]
get' [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
get_basic_authentication_method [Authbasic]

This function combines all the parsers registered with register_basic_authentication_method.

get_finaliser_after [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
get_finaliser_before [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
get_ocamlpath [Ocsigen_loader]

Returns the current Findlib library search path.

get_timer [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

returns the timer of the Dlist

host [Http_headers]

id [Ocsigen_lib_base]
if_match [Http_headers]
if_modified_since [Http_headers]
if_none_match [Http_headers]
if_range [Http_headers]
if_unmodified_since [Http_headers]
in_list [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
init_module [Ocsigen_loader]

init_module pre post force name runs the init function for the module name.

insert [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
is_empty [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
is_prefix [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
is_prefix_skip_end_slash [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

is_prefix_skip_end_slash path1 path2 returns true if path1 is the same as path2 before a first slash

iter [Http_headers]
iter [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]

Infinite iteration on circular lists

iter [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option.Lwt]
iter [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
iter_step [Ocsipersist]

Important warning: this iterator may not iter on all data of the table if another thread is modifying it in the same time.

iter_table [Ocsipersist]

Legacy interface for iter_step

last [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
last_modified [Http_headers]
length [Ocsipersist]

Size of a table.

list_of [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

The list to which the node belongs

loadfile [Ocsigen_loader]

loadfile pre post force file (dynamically) loads file.

loadfiles [Ocsigen_loader]

loadfiles pre post force file loads all the files, using loadfile (fun () -> ()) (fun () -> ()) false for all the files but the last one, and loadfile pre post force for the last one (if any).

location [Http_headers]
lwt_fold [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

lwt version of fold

lwt_fold_back [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

lwt version of fold_back

make [Ocsigen_stream.StringStream]
make [Ocsigen_stream]

creates a new stream

make [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
make_absolute_url [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

make_absolute_url https host port path generates a new absolute url

make_key [Polytables]

create a new key for each data you want to save

make_persistent [Ocsipersist]

make_persistent store name default find a persistent value named name in store store from database, or create it with the default value default if it does not exist.

make_persistent_lazy [Ocsipersist]

Same as make_persistent but the default value is evaluated only if needed

make_persistent_lazy_lwt [Ocsipersist]

Lwt version of make_persistent_lazy.

map [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option.Lwt]
map [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
map_filter [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
maxsize [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
may_append [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]
may_concat [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]
move [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

Move a node from one dlist to another one, without finalizing.

name [Http_headers]
name_to_string [Http_headers]
newest [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
next [Ocsigen_stream]

get the next step of a stream.

no_charset [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

of_file [Ocsigen_stream]

returns a stream reading from a file.

of_lwt_stream [Ocsigen_stream]

Convert a Lwt_stream.t to an Ocsigen_stream.t.

of_string [Ocsigen_stream]

returns a stream containing a string.

oldest [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
open_store [Ocsipersist]

Open a store (and create it if it does not exist)

open_table [Ocsipersist]

Open a table (and create it if it does not exist)

origin [Http_headers]

parse_mime_types [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

Parsing of a file containing mime associations, such as /etc/mime-types

pragma [Http_headers]
put [Ocsigen_stream.StringStream]

Create a stream with one element

range [Http_headers]
referer [Http_headers]
register_basic_authentication_method [Authbasic]

This function registers an authentication plugin: it adds a new parser to the list of available authentication schemes.

register_exn_printer [Ocsigen_lib_base.Printexc]
reload [Ocsigen_server]
remove [Ocsipersist]

remove table key removes the entry in the table if it exists

remove [Polytables]

remove t k remove the current binding of k in t if it exists

remove [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
remove [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

Removes an element from its list.

remove_all [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_all_assoc [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_all_assoc_q [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_all_q [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_dotdot [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

remove_dotdot path cleans the path of ..

remove_end_slash [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

remove_end_slash str removes last /

remove_first [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_first_if_any [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_first_if_any_q [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_first_q [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_internal_slash [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

remove_internal_slash path cleans the path of empty string

remove_n_oldest [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

remove the n oldest values (or less if the list is not long enough) ; returns the list of removed values

remove_slash_at_beginning [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]
remove_slash_at_end [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]
remove_spaces [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]

remove_spaces s beg endd returns a copy of the string from beg to endd, removing spaces at the beginning and at the end

replace [Http_headers]

replace a header by another one.

replace_if_exists [Ocsipersist]

replace_if_exists table key value associates value to key only if key is already bound.

replace_opt [Http_headers]

replace or remove a header.

return [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]

sep [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]

Cuts a string to the next separator, removing spaces.

server [Http_headers]
set [Ocsipersist]

set pv value sets a persistent value pv to value

set [Polytables]

set t k v associates v to k in t

set_cookie [Http_headers]
set_default_charset [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
set_default_mime [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
set_finaliser_after [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

set a function to be called automatically on a piece of data just after it disappears from the list (either by explicit removal or because the maximum size is exceeded)

set_finaliser_before [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

set a function to be called automatically on a piece of data just before it disappears from the list (either by explicit removal or because the maximum size is exceeded)

set_init_on_load [Ocsigen_loader]

If set to true, the module initialization functions passed to set_module_init_function will be executed directly.

set_maxsize [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

change the maximum size ; returns the list of removed values, if any.

set_module_init_function [Ocsigen_loader]

set_module_init_function name f registers the function f, which will be used to initialize the module when init_module name is called.

set_ocamlpath [Ocsigen_loader]

Sets the current Findlib library search path.

size [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
skip [Ocsigen_stream]

Skips data.

snd [Ocsigen_lib_base.Tuple3]
split [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]

Splits a string for words with separator, removing spaces.

split_at [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
split_fragment [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

split_fragment str splits str at first '#'

start_server [Ocsigen_server]

Start the server (does not return)

status [Http_headers]
stream_want [Ocsigen_stream]

stream_want s len Returns a stream with at least len bytes in the buffer if possible

string_of_stream [Ocsigen_stream]

Creates a string from a stream.

substream [Ocsigen_stream]

Cut the stream at the position given by a string delimiter

table_name [Ocsipersist]

returns the name of the table

thd [Ocsigen_lib_base.Tuple3]
to_list [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
to_lwt_stream [Ocsigen_stream]

Convert an Ocsigen_stream.t into a Lwt_stream.t.

to_poly [Ocsigen_lib_base]
transfer_encoding [Http_headers]
translate [Ocsigen_loader]

translate filename translate .cmo/.cma extensions to .cmxs in native mode, and .cmxs to .cmo (.cma if it exists) in bytecode mode.

uncurry [Ocsigen_lib_base]
unexpected_exception [Ocsigen_messages]

Use that function for all impossible cases in exception handlers (try ... with ... | e -> unexpected_exception ... or Lwt.catch ...).

up [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

Removes the element from its list without finalising, then adds it as newest.

update_charset_ext [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

Updates the mapping between extensions from a file to its charset.

update_charset_file [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
update_charset_regexp [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
update_mime_ext [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
update_mime_file [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
update_mime_regexp [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
user_agent [Http_headers]

value [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
value [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

warning [Ocsigen_messages]

Write a message in warnings.log

with_defaults [Http_headers]

with_defaults h1 h2 adds headers from h1 to h2.

x_forwarded_for [Http_headers]
x_forwarded_proto [Http_headers]