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Module type Xml_wrap.NoWrap

module type NoWrap = 
  Twith type 'a t = 'a
   and type 'a tlist = 'a list
   and type (-'a, 'b) ft = 'a -> 'b

type 'a t
val return : 'a -> 'a t
type (-'a, 'b) ft
val fmap : ('a, 'b) ft -> 'a t -> 'b t
type 'a tlist
val nil : unit -> 'a tlist
val singleton : 'a t -> 'a tlist
val cons : 'a t -> 'a tlist -> 'a tlist
val append : 'a tlist -> 'a tlist -> 'a tlist
val map : ('a, 'b) ft -> 'a tlist -> 'b tlist