Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Functor Ocamlbuild_eliom.Make

module Make : functor (Eliom : ELIOM) -> 

Parameters :


val dispatcher : 
  ?oasis_executables:Ocamlbuild_plugin.Pathname.t list ->
  Ocamlbuild_plugin.hook -> unit

The main dispatcher

It calls Ocamlbuild_js_of_ocaml.dispatcher first, with the same parameters, and then initialize the plugin for eliom.

The dispatcher should be used with Ocamlbuild_plugin.dispatch as: Ocamlbuild_plugin.dispatch Ocamlbuild_eliom.dispatcher or if you use oasis it would look like: Ocamlbuild_plugin.dispatch (fun hook -> dispatch_default hook; Ocamlbuild_js_of_ocaml.dispatcher ~oasis_executables:["src/yourprogram.byte"] hook; )

?oasis_executables is the paths of the executables (having the .byte extension) you want to compile as a javascript executable. The former executables are still compiled.

Side note: Ocamlbuild_plugin.dispatch should be used only once as it record only one function for an ocamlbuild module.