Ocsigen is a collaborative open source project mainly developed by Be Sport, CNRS and Paris Cité university.

It comes from a research project of the Research Institute for Foundations of Computer Science (IRIF) (Paris Diderot university and CNRS).

It is part of the IRILL, a center for Research and Innovation on Free Software, located at Inria Paris.

It received funding from Inria and the ANR, through three research projects:

It also receive funding from Jane Street.


You can send a (private) e-mail to the development team. However, please prefer OCaml's discuss, with tag Ocsigen, for all your technical questions. You can also have a look at the archives of the public mailing-list (deprecated).

Authors and contributors

Vincent Balat (project leader, Server, Eliom, Ocsigen Start, Ocsigen Toolkit, ...)
Jérôme Vouillon (Lwt, Web server, Js_of_ocaml, Eliom, O'Closure, ...)
Vasilis Papavasileiou (Eliom, Server, Eliom-base-app, Ocsigen Toolkit,...)
Pierre Chambart (Comet, Eliom client, ...)
Grégoire Henry (safe unmarshalling of client data, Eliom client, ...)
Benedikt Becker (Ocsimore, Eliom client-server syntax, ...)
Gabriel Radanne (Tyxml, Semantics of client-server Eliom applications, Eliom, etc.)
Hugo Heuzard (Js_of_ocaml, Eliom)
Benjamin Canou (O'Browser, Eliom client, Goji)
Boris Yakobowski (Ocsimore, module Extendconfiguration, Ocsigen server...)
Raphaël Proust (Ocsforge, Eliom client, Comet)
Baptiste Strazzulla (Eliom distillery, Makefile for client server applications, documentation, ...)
Jan Rochel (Eliom, ...)
Idir Lankri (Eliom, ...)
Julien Sagot (Ocsigen-i18n, ...)
Jérémie Dimino (Lwt)
Anton Bachin (Lwt)
Romain Calascibetta (Server)
Denis Berthod (HTTP protocol, Web server)
Stéphane Glondu (Configuration file, Findlib integration, access control, HTTP authentication, Debian package, ...)
Gabriel Kerneis (XHTML syntax extension for OCaml 3.10, Ocsipersist with SQLite, CGI module, forms in Eliom, deflatemod, ...)
Jérôme Maloberti (GODI packaging, OcCDuce)
Danny Willems (Ocsigen Start)
Thorsten Ohl (TyXMl)
Charly Chevalier (OJWidgets, Eliom widgets, Eliom base app)
Kate Deplaix (Ocsimore, ...)
Enguerrand Decorne (Eliom Widgets)
Grégoire Lionnet (Eliom mobile)
Jaap Boender (Ocsimore, NetBSD and Godi packages)
Yuta Sato (ts2ocaml)
Sora Morimoto (ts2ocaml, Lwt, Js_of_ocaml, ...)
Gabriel Scherer (Macaque)
Christophe Lecointe (OJQuery, Goji)
Arnaud Parant (Eliom mobile, Graffiti 2)
Gabriel Cardoso (O'Closure)
Jean-Henri Granarolo (Ocsforge)
Simon Castellan (HTML5, OpenID, SVG)
Barbara Lepage (Code samples, documentation)
Séverine Maingaud (Eliom widgets, ...)
Piero Furiesi (Ocsimore)
Mauricio Fernandez (Xhtmlcompact, static linking of extensions and Eliom modules)
Michael Laporte (Meow chat)
Nataliya Guts (Web server, HTTPS)
Archibald Pontier (Atom, Pubsubhubbub)
Jérôme Velleine (CGI module)
Charles Oran (O'Closure)
Pierre Clairambault (Lwt_lib, Gentoo package, configure script, ...)
Cécile Herbelin (HTML5, Benchmarks)

Other team members

Emmanuel Chailloux (mentoring) Raphaëlle Crubillé (dynamic javascript generation)
Till Varoquaux (javascript generation)
Fabien Benureau (javascript generation)


To all authors and contributors, and to: