Research papers

Gabriel Radanne
Tierless Web programming in ML
PhD Thesis - 2017
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Gabriel Radanne - Jérôme Vouillon
Tierless modules
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Gabriel Radanne - Jérôme Vouillon
Tierless Web Programming in the Large
The Web conference - Web programming track - 2018
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Gabriel Radanne , Jérôme Vouillon, and Vincent Balat
Eliom: A core ML language for tierless Web programming
28th symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages, APLAS 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2016
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Gabriel Radanne, Vincent Balat, Jérôme Vouillon and Vasilis Papavasileiou
Eliom: tierless Web programming from the ground up
14th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems, IFL 2016, KU Leuven, Belgium 2016

Vincent Balat
Rethinking Web interaction: theory and implementation
International Journal on Advances in Internet Technologies, vol 7, 2014
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Vincent Balat
Client-server Web applications widgets
WWW 2013 dev track
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Vincent Balat
Rethinking Web interaction
ICIW 2013
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Benjamin Canou
Programmation Web Typée
PhD Thesis - 2011
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Jérôme Vouillon, Vincent Balat
From bytecode to Javascript: the Js_of_ocaml compiler
in journal Software: Practice and Experience, 2013
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Benjamin Canou, Emmanuel Chailloux, Vincent Botbol
Static Typing & JavaScript Libraries: Towards a More Considerate Relationship
World Wide Web (WWW) 2013, developer's track (PDF, slides)

Benjamin Canou, Emmanuel Chailloux, Jérôme Vouillon
How to Run your Favorite Language in Web Browsers
World Wide Web (WWW) 2012, developer's track
pdf slides

Benjamin Canou, Emmanuel Chailloux, and Vincent Balat
A declarative-friendly API for Web document manipulation
PADL 2013
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Vincent Balat, Pierre Chambart and Grégoire Henry
Client-server Web applications with Ocsigen
World Wide Web Conference, developers track. WWW2012
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Vincent Balat, Boris Yakobowski, Jérôme Vouillon
Experience Report: Ocsigen, a Web Programming Framework
International Conference on Functional Programming, ACM, 2009.
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Benjamin Canou, Vincent Balat, Emmanuel Chailloux
O'Browser: Objective Caml on browsers
ACM Sigplan Workshop on ML 2008.
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Vincent Balat
Ocsigen: Typing Web Interaction with Objective Caml
ACM Sigplan Workshop on ML 2006.
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