Index of values

(<&>) [Lwt]

t <&> t' is the same as join [t; t']

(<?>) [Lwt]

t <?> t' is the same as choose [t; t']

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t >>= f is an alternative notation for bind t f.

(>|=) [Lwt]

m >|= f is map f m

abort [Lwt_unix]

abort fd exn makes all current and further uses of the file descriptor fail with the given exception.

abort [Lwt_io]

abort ch abort current operations and close the channel immediatly.

abort [Lwt_ssl]
accept [Lwt_unix]

Wrapper for Unix.accept

accept [Lwt_read_line.​Control]

accept instance = send_command instance Command.Accept_line

accept_n [Lwt_unix]

accept_n fd count accepts up to count connection in one time.

access [Lwt_unix]

Wrapper for Unix.access

accum_s [Lwt_signal]
accum_s [Lwt_react.​S]
accum_s [Lwt_react.​E]
accum_s [Lwt_event]
add [Lwt_pqueue.​S]
add_entry [Lwt_read_line]

add_entry line history returns the history history plus line at the beginning.