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Module Lwt_glib

module Lwt_glib : sig..end

Glib integration

This module allow to use Lwt in GTK applications.

Here is what you have to do to make Lwt and GTK work together:

  • call Lwt_glib.‚Äčinstall at the beginning of your program (before or after GMain.init, it does not matter)
  • do not call GMain.main, write your application as a normal Lwt application instead.

For example:

let () = Lwt_main.run (
        (* Initializes GTK. *)
        ignore (GMain.init ());

        (* Install Lwt<->Glib integration. *)
        Lwt_glib.install ();

        (* Thread which is wakeup when the main window is closed. *)
        let waiter, wakener = Lwt.wait () in

        (* Create a window. *)
        let window = GWindow.window () in

        (* Display something inside the window. *)
        ignore (GMisc.label ~text:"Hello, world!" ~packing:window#add ());

        (* Quit when the window is closed. *)
        ignore (window#connect#destroy (Lwt.wakeup wakener));

        (* Show the window. *)
        window#show ();

        (* Wait for it to be closed. *)
val install : ?mode:[ `glib_into_lwt | `lwt_into_glib ] -> unit -> unit

Install the Glib<->Lwt integration.

If mode is `glib_into_lwt then glib will use the Lwt main loop, and if mode is `lwt_into_glib then Lwt will use the Glib main loop.

The first mode is better but for some unknown reason it does not work under Windows, so the second is used as default on Windows while the first one is used as default on Unix.

If the integration is already active, this function does nothing.

val remove : unit -> unit

Remove the Glib<->Lwt integration.

val iter : bool -> unit

This function is not related to Lwt. iter may_block does the same as Glib.Main.iteration may_block but can safely be called in a multi-threaded program, it will not block the whole program.

For example:

let main () =
          while true do
            Lwt_glib.iter true

        let thread = Thread.create main ()

Note: you can call this function only from one thread at a time, otherwise it will raise Failure.

val wakeup : unit -> unit

If one thread is blocking on Lwt_glib.‚Äčiter, then wakeup () make Lwt_glib.‚Äčiter to return immediatly.