Module Lwt_process

module Lwt_process : sig..end

Process management

This modules allow you to spawn processes and communicate with them.

type command = string * string array

A command. The first field is the name of the executable and the second is the list of arguments. For example:

("ls", [|"ls"; "-l"|])



  • if the name is the empty string, then the first argument will be used. You should specify a name only if you do not want the executable to be searched in the PATH. On Windows the only way to enable automatic seach in PATH is to pass an empty name.
  • it is possible to ``inline'' an argument, i.e. split it into multiple arguments. To do that prefix it with "\000". For example:

("", [|"echo"; "\000foo bar"|])

is the same as:

("", [|"echo"; "foo