Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Module Ot_noderesize

module Ot_noderesize : sig..end

Get an event when an element's size changes

Known issues

This only work with elements in the DOM (maybe that the element has to be displayd, need to check this). In case of a content loaded dynamically with js, watch a parent already thereif possible or use a onnodeready event to attach noderesize listener.

Also, if the element is removed, then re-inserted in the DOM, sensor will not work anymore.

If the element to be watched is not positionned, a position: relative will be applied.


Lwt.async (fun () ->
        let div' = (To_dom.of_element div) in
        let%lwt () = Ot_nodeready.nodeready div' in
        Ot_noderesize.noderesize (ot_noderesize.attach div) (fun () ->
          Firebug.console##log (Js.string "Resized") ) )
type resize_sensor
val attach : 
  #Js_of_ocaml.Dom_html.element Js_of_ocaml.Js.t ->
val noderesize : ?safe:bool -> resize_sensor -> (unit -> unit) -> unit

When safe is set to true, noderesize will work whatever sized is the watched element. When set to false (which is the default), elements bigger than 9999px (width or height) will not detect resize, but noderesize will be more efficient (less computation/reading).

val detach : resize_sensor -> unit