Welcome to the Ocsigen Blog!
Written by The Ocsigen Team on July 29, 2015

The Ocsigen project finally has a blog. We are planning to publish news from the wider Ocsigen community, tutorials, and more.

Ocsigen encompasses the building blocks that you need in order to efficiently develop Web applications in OCaml. Among other libraries and tools, Ocsigen provides:

  • js_of_ocaml, which is a compiler from OCaml to JavaScript;

  • Ocsigen Server, which is a web server implemented in OCaml;

  • Lwt, which is a cooperative thread library for OCaml;

  • TyXML, which is a library for generating valid HTML and SVG content; last but not least,

  • Eliom, which puts everything together to provide a modern language for developing web applications, with tight integration between client and server.

Happy hacking, and stay tuned!