Summer Ocsigen releases
Written by Gabriel Radanne on August 17, 2015

We are happy to announce the releases of

We also welcome a new member in the ocsigen team, Vasilis Papavasileiou.

Key changes in the various releases:

  • PPX support for js_of_ocaml with OCaml >= 4.02.2. See documentation here.

    This was also the occasion to introduce a new syntax for object literals, and to improve the Camlp4 syntax (w.r.t. to locations). Both syntaxes emit the same code, and are perfectly compatible.

  • Support for dynlink in js_of_ocaml.

  • Logging improvements in Eliom and Server, in particular on the client side.

  • A healthy amount of bugfixes.

The next releases will probably see major changes. The current plan is:

  • Replace Server’s internals with cohttp, as part of our move towards Mirage-compatible libraries. See here.

  • Shared_react, which allows to build reactive pages from server side. See here.

  • PPX for Eliom.

  • Support for async/core in js_of_ocaml.

Have fun with Ocsigen!