Ocsigen Start and Ocsigen Toolkit reach 1.0!
Written by The Ocsigen Team on February 09, 2017

The Ocsigen team is very happy to announce the first release of two major new projects:

  • Ocsigen Start: a Web/mobile application skeleton written with Js_of_ocaml and Eliom. You can use this skeleton as a basis for your own app, or to learn Web/mobile app development in OCaml.

  • Ocsigen Toolkit: a set of responsive widgets for your mobile and Web applications in OCaml.

Both projects are available via OPAM and released under the LGPL.

Before installing, you can try out a demo of Ocsigen Start. The demo is available

Ocsigen Start provides the basic features for user management (registration, activation links, password recovery, etc.), and some useful libraries. Remove the parts you don’t need for your own app.

Ocsigen Start also contains many examples of code: remote procedure calls, push notifications from the server, reactive pages, database interaction, session data, internationalization, and some widgets from Ocsigen Toolkit.

Ocsigen Toolkit contains common widgets for mobile and Web apps, written natively in OCaml and specifically designed for Eliom’s multi-tier and multi-platform programming style. You can also use them in client-only Js_of_ocaml programs. Many new widgets will be added in future versions.

Ocsigen Start and Ocsigen Toolkit are developed by the Ocsigen team at Be Sport, at the Paris Diderot University, and at the IRILL.