Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Module Eliom_content.Svg.C

module C : sig..end

Creation of content from client-side values. This makes possible to insert in server side generated pages some nodes that will be computed on client side (for example reactive nodes).

val node : 
  ?init:'a Eliom_content.Svg.elt ->
  'a Eliom_content.Svg.elt Eliom_client_value.t ->
  'a Eliom_content.Svg.elt

node e is a server-side node corresponding to the client-side node e . node e can be used like any other server-side node.

The implementation uses an initial placeholder node that is later replaced by the client node. By default, the placeholder node is span. The ~init argument can be used to provide a custom placeholder node (e.g., one with the same tag as the client node). This can be useful in contexts where span is not allowed.

val attr : 
  ?init:'a Eliom_content.Svg.attrib ->
  'a Eliom_content.Svg.attrib Eliom_client_value.t ->
  'a Eliom_content.Svg.attrib